About Us

Welcome to the website of, a project of the Federation of Chinese Canadians in Markham (FCCM), York Region, Province of Ontario, Canada.

As more and more immigrants with diverse cultural backgrounds move their residences to the booming York Region and vicinity areas, there is an urgent need for services to guide and assist them in becoming productive citizens in the future. Physically disabled people will also be given a one-stop internet access to obtain needed information, without travelling to one or more locations.

A new intercultural website featuring the different ethnic communities is therefore created. It is the firm belief of FCCM that intercultural exchanges & interaction promotes understanding and acceptance which ultimately leads to economic opportunities and the fostering of community harmony and safety.

The website also acts as a venue for artists who wish to promote their own creations. Photos and information of these artistic creations and talents could be posted. Singers, dancers, handicraft makers, food producers, clothing manufacturers, importers of ethnic products, inventors, are also welcomed. At their requests, FCCM can help them develop their own sites and host it for them.

We welcome any government, charitable, non-profit or profit organizations, whose products and services benefit our members, to have their websites linked to ours. Finally, this website is non-political and non-religious.