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They crawled through darkness lit only by their head torches on a precarious 20 minute-long journey to find a chamber containing hundreds of bones.
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Perhaps his prison term and fifteen-year trial by fire showed him that there really was more to life than the movies
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One of the women was 99 years old, the other had underlying health conditions, according to health officials.
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About 192 offenders were also arrested in connection with the biker rival gangs brawl
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11, 1996 at Texas Station and knocked out Roberto Apodaca in the second round, Mayweather’s purse was $25,000
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"Maybe life there is better than here."
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Or maybe this is a case of Cowherd not wanting to share the microphone with a cast of characters.
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The players haven't quite made it out for 00:02 but they will be on court in any second and the fans can sense it
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