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It was not clear when the recording was made but references to former Taliban leader Mullah Mohamed Omar as being alive suggest it is at least two months old
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The study involved over 902,000 mothers and found, as expected, that smoking and giving birth prematurely independently increased the risk of CVD in women
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"We need to boost people's spirits by giving them more money to be able to make decisions for themselves."
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The footprints include three-toed tracks belonging to carnivorous theropods that walked on two legs, as well as tracks believed to have been made by armoured dinosaurs like stegosaurs.
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"All of us at the San Diego Police Department wanted to find Wesley safe," said Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman
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For the second time in his career, Djokovic has won three of the four majors this season, losing only in the French Open final where Stan Wawrinka bombarded him with heavy ordnance off both wings
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The lawyer hinted at future legal actions against Wiley
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The Yellow Jackets and quarterback Justin Thomas have put up more than 60 points in each of their first two games
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Inevitably then, his favorite candidate for presidency is Donald Trump, the warrior who has disregarded the plague of political correctness through misogyny, racism and generalized stupidity.
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And if he asks for more women he will get more women.
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"Teachers will enjoy it because they will see things mirrored back at them
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The show is part of the growing attention to gender- identity issues and to such candid individuals as Caitlyn Jenner.
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"You gotta do something about it today," Joe Girardi had said beforehand about going 0-3 to start the weekend
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And there's nothing to be done once you're pregnant."
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Filled with fluid, my body blew up like a balloon
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"Carmakers have to realise that if they have to offercompetitively priced products with all the safety technology,they have to be sourced locally," he said
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The advice is simple - keep your inhaler with you at all times and have a back-up with you in case of loss
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Another great thing about the battery is that you don’t have to guess when it’s going to die
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the number of older people is going to grow more rapidly in sub-Saharan Africa than in any other place on this globe.
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“Mayor de Blasio, we appreciate your support of this project, but we need your help,” he said as the mayor stood by
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"We really care about them and we want them to be healthy because I'm selfish and I want them to be around," she says.
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He slipped and tumbled to the hard court in the fourth game of the match, scraped open his right elbow and knee
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Facebook hascommented after the case: “People have to be 13 to sign up to Facebook
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"The most proactive step that anyone with asthma can take is to put a personal asthma action plan in place
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It is a slightly old-fashioned view [that only these roles are important]
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However, Sunday's actions appear to show that even Germany is at risk of being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers trying to enter the country
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It's a body-positive teen dance movie set in a retirement home
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His kidneys had already stopped working so he was unable to get rid of the excess.
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Its main focus is on serving its U.S
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This is a crucial relationship — especially for an open economy such as the UK,” Forbes told the Money Macroeconomics and Finance research group conference in Cardiff.
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The research team found that individuals given resveratrol had maintained normal level of amyloid-beta40 in their cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
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Guatemalan Nobel laureate Rigoberta Menchu reacts after the resignation of President Otto Perez in Guatemala City, Guatemala September 3, 2015
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We get a break with week one,and the Green and White will put the Browns away with a 31-10 win”
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Isn’t that why the Yankees paid $155 million for him? To pitch and win these kind of big games and give the bullpen a rest?
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Sanders' stops in Georgia and the Carolinas are in areas where black voters are expected to comprise substantial portions of the primary vote
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So was his, his "dream home,” the retired federal public defender said.