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“Cro’s situation, we don’t know much right now

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They crawled through darkness lit only by their head torches on a precarious 20 minute-long journey to find a chamber containing hundreds of bones.

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"The selection of Jeremy Corbyn..

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A greater hurdle will be finding a U.S.-based prison to house the 64 detainees considered too dangerous to be sent to another country

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Today, her campaign has put out some of the most ambitious progressive proposals Democrats have seen in years

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A record number were expected to enter Austriafrom Hungary on Sunday.

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"Maybe life there is better than here."

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The players haven't quite made it out for 00:02 but they will be on court in any second and the fans can sense it

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In 6 weeks the Mets have gone from a team hoping to hang around in the wild-card race to a club running away with its division

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It is the worst violence Turkey has seen in two decades.

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NFL story was mentioned briefly when the shows did their offseason- in- review pieces.

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"We are always looking to diversify our tour offerings to give travellers unique ways to experience North Korea

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"A handful of years ago she declared the death of multi-culturalism

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One time, it looked like Tigger had a case of the munchies.

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"Today, we take another step toward becoming the most sustainable city in America," said Garcetti in prepared remarks

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A former flatmate and close ally of former prime minister Tony Blair, he served as Lord Chancellor under the Blair government.

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A Syrian refugee girl falls down as her family runs to buses while disembarking the Tera Jet passenger ship at the port of Piraeus, near Athens, September 9, 2015

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There is no shortage of candidates and it will undoubtedly make for some heated arguments among fight fans

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"Women who smoke and have a preterm birth more than triple their risk of CVD

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Similar angry reactions were seen across social media

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Thefinancial condition of the sector deteriorates further through2017," Jefferies bank said.

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That includes banking, oil and gas, insurance, air travel, telecoms, steel production and coal mining.

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Because of early diagnosis and treatment, more than 2 million men with the ailment are still alive, according to the American Cancer Society.

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The bridge, built in 1971, is 246.6-meter-long and 12-metre-wide

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Labor law experts said such an effort, if successful, would substantially reduce the power of organized labor in America.

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Now he heads into retirement, or so he says

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oil prices could fall to as low as $20 a barrel to clear out a global supply glut.

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As firefighters drew close to surrounding that blaze, another fire erupted several miles from the community of Lower Lake on Aug

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He knew there would be a new coach after the season

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The EU member state with the smallest number of people per sq km, according to figures from 2013, is Finland - on 17.9, followed by Sweden, on 23.6

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A handful of banks at the top of the satisfaction league tables do something similar.

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He explains that all Eph managed to do was to shoot an innocent woman, which Eph expresses his regret about

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Women aged 40 and older were also more likely to drink than those aged 30-39.

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During the past four years, workers have gotten annual profit-sharing checks; at FCA, those bonuses totaled $9,000 per worker.

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"Nearly everyone uses smartphones and there is the possibility of interference with a cardiac device if you come too close

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"I was once told once you get a certain amount of money it's hard for you to get up (and train)," he said

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"Our results suggest that doctors, public health scientists and policy makers need to re-think how to best identify who is at high risk of dementia

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