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I assumed that a possible diagnosis would lead to effective treatment but I was in for a shock

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The phone is always pocket-sized (sort of)

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Luck is unofficially about 1,000,000,000,000 better than Johnny Football.

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He said the issue of oversight of the U.S

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Along with providing a new waterfront amphitheater and other performance spaces, the Pier 55 project gives us more of something we all clamor for — new green space for the public

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Lawrence is Joy Mangano, a single mother who invited the Miracle Mop

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California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection spokeswoman Lynn Valentine said officials had confirmed one fatality, though she had no immediate information on the deceased

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But how does a robot journalist work? The short articles below have been chopped up, with key bits highlighted and annotations under each snippet to explain the workings.

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They have been a part of our politics and popular culture for decades

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Yanks starters Luis Severino, Michael Pineda and Ivan Nova and several relievers had been battered over the first three games of the series, including a combined 19-12 doubleheader sweep on Saturday

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The Rams answered by driving 84 yards on 12 plays for the tying score.

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They want a united convention, where everyone comes away with something.”

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But if you want to see what the rest of the virtual high street has to offer in the distressed denim department, check out our edit below

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It was kind of easy for me - I was in charge so I felt like 'it's on me, win or lose'.

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Before Ramona can make the physical transition to Ray, her mother, played by Watts, must track down the man whose name appears on the birth certificate to get his consent

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Chris Harris got a pretty decent start off the line by was unfortunately overtaken by a quicker Jaguar XK120 which left him in its wake

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But more moderate and independent voters would likely blame Republicans for a shutdown, as they have in the past.

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Two days in he has two big problems - a lack of women in the top jobs, having promised a new equality, but a bigger one perhaps, his choice as shadow chancellor

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It also has a 33-foot signal distance, which could possibly go a bit further.

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But a log-in is still required for our PDFs.

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This is regarded as an important development

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If you fancy emulating her look, scroll through the carousel where you’ll find our top alternatives from the likes of Asos, Missguided, H&M and more.

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Another loss would have dropped the Yanks (78-64) 5.5 games behind Toronto and all but ended the AL East race.

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They then put that machinery into a common, easily grown laboratory plant, which was able to produce the chemical

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For years I've struggled to be in the right place at just the right time to catch an awesome wave like this

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No correctional workers wereinjured.

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Some negotiators feel that progress was slow last week in Bonn to ensure that the parties had no option but to turn to the co-chairs as the best means of moving forward.

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He had not played since the second preseason game Aug

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Ranching, she added, "can be very compatible" with a healthy sage brush ecosystem — meaning those who want to use the land aren't necessarily at odds with those who want to save the bird.

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You do not want to buy an entire wardrobe the colour of Rebekah Brooks’s hair

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"Overall, the economy is very weak and the central bank mayhave to continue cutting interest rates and banks' reserverequirement," said Zhou Hao, senior economist at Commerzbank AGin Singapore

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Increases in gasoline supply across the country and profitmargins that Lundberg called "healthy" gave the refiners andretailers leeway to take pump prices down.

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In the final days of World War II, Okinawa became Japan's only home battleground, and the island remained under U.S

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China's industrial production, which measures output at factories, workshops and mines in the world's second-largest economy, rose 6.1 per cent year-on-year in August, the government said on Sunday

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Mayweather will defend his titles against Berto at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sept

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“Even if this (presidential run) doesn’t work out, he wants a life in politics

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Click the link (right) to buy it now, then team yours with cat eye sunnies to complete the retro look

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No one person has ever conveyed more with so few words — including three of the most iconic in this city's history

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“That’s a very big part of who I am — humility and fear of the Lord

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"Look, you can see her curls, you can see her do," the curator said excitedly as a scan of a 40-something woman from Egypt's Roman era came to life

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But in Tehran and Washington, officials still line up on opposite sides

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"But there are different ways of 'getting hanged'

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