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From San Antonio, the first couple headed to Houston. There, they visited a gathering of the League of United Latin American Citizens, a Latino advocacy group. Organizers were told the president may (or may not) show up for a brief meet-and-greet. Instead, Kennedy and the first lady arrived and promptly climbed onto the cramped stage. Then, Jacqueline Kennedy, flanked by a mariachi band, addressed the crowd in accented but clear Spanish, drawing boisterous applause. Clint Hill, a Secret Service agent assigned to the couple, would later disclose how the first lady had crammed for her short speech aboard Air Force One during the Washington-to-Texas flight.

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While most scammers offer items in the small-dollar range - selling allegedly haunted items on auction sites for under $10 - some go for large sums of money. A Manhattan woman running a fortune-telling business earlier this month was found guilty of conning two women out of $138,000, claiming that the funds would be used to solve problems related to their past lives.

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Brown has been on probation since 2009 after assaulting pop singer Rihanna, his then-girlfriend, and the new arrest could complicate the parole. Brown's parole was revoked over the summer after he was charged in a hit-and-run traffic accident in Los Angeles, but reinstated after he agreed to another 1,000 hours of community labor.

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"That man was empowered by the `stand your ground' statute," McBath said in prepared testimony. "I am here to tell you there was no ground to stand. There was no threat. No one was trying to invade his home, his vehicle, nor threatened him or his family." Dunn's trial has been delayed until next year, according to the newspaper.

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Call me a teary-eyed sentimentalist, but – having spent so long immersed in the depths of hopelessness – I would have liked just a little more time to splash about in the shimmering shallows of success.

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De Blasio's strong position on abolishing the carriage horse industry has made him a darling of animal rights activists. Those activists helped to finance a million-dollar ad blitz earlier this year that attacked City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who supports the carriage horse industry. Those ads helped to sink Quinn's candidacy in the Democratic primary for mayor, which benefitted de Blasio .

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When the UK government announced the creation of a hybrid front-of-pack nutritional labelling system in June with the backing of a good number of food retailers and producers, there was a generally positive response from health NGOs and medical experts.

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There have been corporate shuffles. Carlson, whose background is in digital publishing (Zinio) and water (Fiji), joined the company in September. When I asked about Barnes & Noble’s survival and commitment to digital hardware, he kept smiling, but answered firmly: “We’re here and we’re strong.”

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Sunoco is seeking the U.S. Federal Energy RegulatoryCommission's (FERC) approval to allow up to 90 percent of theavailable capacity on the pipeline to be left open to givecommitted shippers priority for a fee when pipeline capacity ismaxed out.

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"They've got to prove to investors that they can continue with the growth they demonstrated from the last quarter," said Bob Bacarella, portfolio manager of the Monetta Fund, which owns Facebook shares. "From the way the stock is priced today, the expectations are generally that they will beat or exceed numbers handily."

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In the cash market, gas for Wednesday delivery at the NYMEXbenchmark, Henry Hub GT-HH-IDX in Louisiana, was heard down 6cents at $3.56. Late deals were done at 4 cents over thefront-month contract, little changed from those done late Mondayat a 5-cent premium.

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Mr. Costos said in a separate statement that the U.S. will address the concerns raised by Spain, adding that U.S. information gathering has played a critical role in protecting its citizens, in coordinating with U.S. allies and in protecting their interests as well.

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Financial markets have mostly ignored the election thanks tothe Czech Republic's economic stability, underpinned by lowpublic debt load and the lowest borrowing costs in emergingEurope, but they may be rattled by an uncertain outcome and therisk of drawn-out coalition talks.

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I won’t. These two foot soldiers will be hung out to dry while their crooked, amoral schmuck of a boss walks away with a big fat smile on his ungly face and sends a couple more poor sods forth to do his dirty work in their stead.

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"Now it's pretty much a thousand dollars on the line. I've just got to learn to not think about that, just enjoy myself and know it's a great opportunity. Just got to have fun with all the experience I'll be able to learn."

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SAO PAULO/RIO DE JANEIRO/NEW YORK, Oct 28 (Reuters) -A ttempts to save Eike Batista's flagship oil company, thebusiness most responsible for the meltdown of his oncehigh-flying industrial empire, have been hampered by internalconflict and unpredictable decisions by the Brazilian tycoon,sources with direct knowledge of the situation told Reuters.

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While, according to two of the sources, Batista will likelyhave to give up most or all of his entire stake in OGX tobondholders, he retains 27 percent of the capital of Eneva SA, a power producer he founded and formerly known asMPX Energia SA; a controlling stake in mining company MMXMineração e Metálicos SA after selling its portoperations; and a 21 percent stake in LLX, owner of the giantPort of Açu compound north of Rio de Janeiro.

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Readers can simply sign into their Amazon account to find out which titles in their print book order history, dating back to 1995, are eligible for a digital copy. All purchased e-books are accessible from Amazon's Kindle devices, as well as the free Kindle reading apps for iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and phones, PC and Mac.

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KIA, which has estimated assets of between $300-$400billion, was part of a consortium that bid for British watercompany Severn Trent earlier this year but the partieswalked away in June after the company refused to engage in talksbefore a bid deadline expired.

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"A few seconds passed and I wasn't sure whether he was going to release me or tear my head off," Needham wrote. Wayne told him to keep the good ideas coming and keep the bad ones to himself. Then he gave his captive "a friendly Dutch rub" and let him go, saying: "Get it done, Needham."