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A representative for Carrefour declined to comment on thereport. In March, Carrefour Chief Executive Georges Plassatdenied that the group was planning a listing in Brazil. He latersaid he hoped to prepare a growth plan for the market by thebeginning of 2014.

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The legislation "will allow larger ships to reach our ports and energy and manufacturing centers," said Texas Representative Randy Weber of the Sabine-Neches Waterway project, which aims to deepen the channel from 40 to 48 feet to accommodate larger ships.

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Precedo and Continental said they lined up commitments for the first $50 million block and set up road shows in the United States, Europe and Asia where GSV managing partner Matthew Hanson disclosed material non-public information about Twitter.

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The total number of incidents, which included everythingfrom spills to fires, swelled from 45 in 2000 to 142 in 2011,the CBC reported on Monday, citing data from the National EnergyBoard (NEB) obtained through access-to-information requests.

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The ''causes are complex, interlinked with fuel poverty, poor housing and health inequalities, as well as circulating infectious diseases, particularly flu and norovirus, and the extent of snow and ice,'' it added.

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The more serious problems haven't gotten nearly as much media attention because they're more complex, harder to explain, and thus lost in the weeds of public discourse. Cuts to Medicare are being delayed until after the 2014 midterm elections. The administration is also delaying caps on out-of-pocket insurance costs for a year as well. It is also delaying enforcement of eligibility requirements for the law's health insurance subsidies — opting to rely on the honor system for the time being instead. John Boehner is right when he calls it a "train wreck."

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"Award of higher production rates will be contingent oncontinued program progress," he wrote in the memo. He cited theneed for progress in software development, improvements in acomputer-based logistics system that is behind schedule, andresolution of several previously identified design issues.

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"Julianne apologized for the costume and it appears as though she did not intend to offend anyone by dressing up that way. The reality is Julianne is too young to have lived through the ugly history of black face and Hollywood," he said. "That doesn't excuse it--she clearly should have known better--or someone around her should have. I don't see this single incident as causing any irreparable long term harm to her or her career."

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Miley Cyrus continues to rub herself against random objects. The “Wrecking Ball” singer, set to host MTV’s 2013 Europe Music Awards on Nov. 10, took her dance moves to New York last week and partied late at 1Oak.

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In 2011, Bafin also scotched Deutsche Bank's initial plan tosell BHF to LGT, a bank owned by the royal family ofAlpine principality Liechtenstein. LGT and BHF had drawn up aready-to-sign agreement but decided not to pursue it following aconversation with the Bonn-based regulator.