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Obama in 2009, while building support for the bill that would become the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, repeatedly said that Americans who liked their doctors or current healthcare plans could keep them. He reiterated the promise as recently as March.

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Starbucks follows on the heels of credit card brand American Express which likewise partnered with Twitter in a collaboration that offers cardholders special offers and discounts with various merchants.

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Improvements are not confined to new high schools or charter schools. The nonpartisan Research Alliance for New York City Schools found across-the-board academic gains for all demographic groups of entering high school freshmen, who now have higher scores on language arts and math test than in 2002.

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While Sato kept his job, Takashi Tsukamoto resigned aschairman of Mizuho's core banking unit, while remaining chairmanof the holding company. The company imposed pay cuts on 42executives and will ask 12 former employees to return some oftheir compensation.

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“We’re showing a collection inspired by ancient peoples from Great Britain, mixed with contemporary influences. We’re searching for a convergence between the ancient aesthetic and something contemporary.”

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Nasdaq was fined $10 million by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission - the largest fine ever for an exchange - and said it would voluntarily pay up to $62 million to compensate firms that had been harmed. On Friday, Nasdaq said $41.6 million of claims put forward qualified for the compensation plan.

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Noel Canning, backed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, had argued that an NLRB ruling for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in a disagreement over failed contract negotiations, could not be enforced due to the recess appointment issue.

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Robert Oxley, from The Taxpayers' Alliance, tells the BBC News Channel: "The government needs to stop pushing ahead with this vanity project and investigate whether there are better ways of investing in our infrastructure."

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"Events like this are exactly what insurance is for. Insurers understand the devastation that weather like this causes and their first priority will be to work as quickly as possible to deal with claims and help customers recover," Aidan Kerr, head of property at the ABI said.

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UBS analyst Polo Tang, who values Lagardere's Canal Francestake at 800 million euros, said the accord, if confirmed, wasgood for Lagardere shareholders because it could lead to furthercash returns.

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Any incident in the area is considered sensitive because the square was the focus of a 1989 pro-democracy movement that was violently suppressed by the military. The square is still heavily policed to guard against political protests, which occasionally happen on sensitive dates.

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I have a shoe habit as well as a plant habit, although I deny it if the Best Beloved mentions it. However, he has pointed out that I'm on first-name terms with the delivery driver. My last pair came with a free shoehorn, and the Best Beloved offered to take it to the shed for me so that I could use it in the garden to pack more plants in. He knows I belong to the shove-it-in school of gardening. Although I admire Gertrude Jekyll's simple planting schemes involving two or three plants, I just can't manage it myself.

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The Defense Department's "tape test" uses neck and waist measurements rather than the body mass index, a system based on an individual's height and weight that is widely used in the civilian world.

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Putting a Klingon translation together is no easy task. Klingon grammar is tough to master. Take, for example, what's involved for a sentence as simple as "Never gonna give you up." You don't just look up the translation for each word and stick it in the English slots. You have to use the complicated system of prefixes and suffixes. The translation is "jIHyIntaHvIS not qajegh," which breaks down as: