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In February, Nigerian authorities broke up what they said was an Iranian-backed group that gathered intelligence on places frequented by Americans and Israelis, and made lists of famous people for possible attacks.

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The White House also declined to weigh in on Feinstein’s claims. “I’m not going to go into the details of those private discussions, nor am I going to comment on assertionsmade in the Senator’s statement today about U.S. foreign intelligence activities,”national security spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said.

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What's more, nearly half the loans backing the New Century deal were from California and Florida, two states hit hard by the housing bust. Of the 4,209 loans in the bond, more than half have some experienced distress, according to BlackBox data.

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The Mali-T760 GPU extends ARM's high-end graphics and GPU compute roadmap to take premium mobile devices to the next level of user experience. Key benefits and features of the new ARM Mali-T760 GPU include:

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So in August, Waldman delisted the chip designer - Tel Aviv Stock Exchange's sixth-largest company, with a market value at the time of 6 billion shekels ($1.7 billion) - dealing a heavy blow to an ailing bourse that had already seen its chief executive and chairman resign a month earlier.

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Like many big Irish firms, C&C responded to the crisis thatpushed the country into an EU/IMF bailout by expanding abroad.After adding Scottish beer Tennent's and U.S. cider Woodchuck toits portfolio, it now makes one third of its profit in Irelandcompared to 71 percent in 2006.

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Drugmakers are competing fiercely in the type 2 diabetesmarket as the number of people with the disease continues togrow rapidly. Finding successful treatments for obesity isproving difficult, however, and sales of various types ofweight-loss drugs have been disappointing.

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But Helm believes that is because the companies have thewrong incentives. "No rational capitalist would everdeliberately create excess supply; since the excess wouldoverhang the market and depress prices," he explained.

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ValueMax shares rose as high as S$0.595 versus its IPO price of S$0.51. Within a few minutes of trading, around 20 million shares had already been traded. The company said its offering of 138 million shares was around 6.3 times subscribed.

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We know Woodson is a survivor because he’s proven that he can navigate the shark-infested corporate waters at MSG. Think about it, Woodson has strong ties to both Larry Brown and Isiah Thomas; one is Dolan’s least favorite NBA guy, the other his No. 1 confidant. Two years ago, when the Knicks were ready to make him the full-time coach, Woodson accepted their ground rules by firing his and Brown’s agent, Keith Glass.

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Staples also asked Golson about why he chose to come back to Notre Dame, when he was free to play at a Junior College right away or transfer to another school. Even though he’ll lose this year of eligibility and have only two more remaining, he was resolute in his plan to come back.

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"You’ve never seen a third-class French train carriage in 1940 . . ." said Yvette Goodden, who was picked up that morning in Bordeaux. She had not forgotten the spectacle of her fellow passengers, some still in their dressing gowns, and of being shunted back and forth during a journey that in her case lasted two days. Goodden, then twenty-three, was married to an English naval commander and had a two-year-old son, Michael, whom she was forced to leave behind in Bordeaux. Like Priscilla and Shula Troman, she feared that the train was taking her to Germany.

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Oct 30 (Reuters) - A top Comcast Corp executivesaid on Wednesday that the company is in talks to license itslatest technology, called X1, to other cable operators, whichwould help the industry better compete with telecom andsatellite rivals.

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Celeste Koeleveld, a senior city attorney, told the court that city representatives tried to have their request heard earlier but were blocked from doing so by attorneys representing the plaintiffs in two class-action lawsuits challenging stop-and-frisk.

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“After a thorough review of the evidence, the investigation revealed that Amanda MacDowell and Jaclyn Nugent were observed kicking and punching Paschke in the body and head,” the state cops’ statement said. “Shortly thereafter, Paschke was observed striking Nugent with a punch to the face. David James Sacco was then observed striking Paschke in the face.”

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Proof positive was offered Sunday on ESPN’s “NFL Countdown” show. The panel was picking the Jets-Bengals game. Most of the crew — Mike Ditka, Cris Carter, Tom Jackson — picked Cincy to win. Only Keyshawn Johnson selected the Jets.

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A series of meetings since early 2012 have yielded no deal that would give the International Atomic Energy Agency access to sites, files and officials relevant to its investigation. But the election in June of a moderate Iranian president has opened doors for good-faith negotiations to end the deadlock.