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A number of factors hit results at U.S. refining companieslast quarter. A narrowing discount between West TexasIntermediate crude oil and Brent has affected profitability, andcompanies say the cost to comply with U.S. biofuel regulationsalso squeezed margins.

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The dollar index, which tracks the greenback against abasket of six major currencies, rose for a second straightsession. The index last traded 0.2 percent higher at 79.358 after earlier falling to 79.154, close to the nearnine-month low of 78.998 touched on Friday.

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In other words, it’s our approach to stress that really matters – which, as it happens, is something I’ve always believed myself. Most of the time, I’m under some kind of work pressure (deadlines, which are the currency of a writer’s life, are relentless.) Most of the time, that stress gives me focus: instead of idly shuffling papers from one side to the other of my desk (which happens when I’m not on deadline), or checking Instagram every five minutes (more of that in a future posting), it’s as if I have blinkers on.

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Google has mapped out a 30-mile route of the River Thames in 360-degree views, making it the first river in the UK and Europe to be captured by the company's Trekker camera. Google Street View also recorded historical landmarks along the Thames, including: the centre of the capital, Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Canary Wharf, the Millennium Dome, etc.

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Some 300 volunteers collected thousands of pounds of garbage - refrigerators, tires, shopping carts, toys and countless plastic bottles - in the second "mega cleanup" of the San Juan estuary system, an inland waterway that snakes around the international airport and connects several bodies of water that cut across Puerto Rico's capital.

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In the Swiss Cheese model, an organization’s defenses against failure are modeled as a series of barriers, represented as slices of cheese. The holes in the slices represent weaknesses in individual parts of the system and are continually varying in size and position across the slices. The system produces failures when a hole in each slice momentarily aligns, permitting (in Reason’s words) “a trajectory of accident opportunity”, so that a hazard passes through holes in all of the slices, leading to a failure.

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Not excited about this game, but I could be wrong and I might just get it anyway since I can't be too picky when I get the PS4, now with Watch Dogs delayed (cries). I got tired of both Assassins Creed 1 and 2 before the end (but finished both), but they were fun and interesting for a while. Problem is I loved the setting of both but not the Creed 4 one, nor the pirate theme, nor the sea faring or sea battles, though I might be wrong about the sea stuff. So Creed 4 just looks worse, except for the graphics which might impress me for a while.

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Signs have emerged that demand for the cheaper model islagging the top-tier iPhone 5S - both of which went on sale inSeptember - because its $100 discount is proving to beinsufficient to motivate emerging market and price-consciouscustomers.

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One of the ATM's first customers was Mike Yeung, a business student at the city campus of Simon Fraser University, where he helped set up a university bitcoin club, one of a handful of such clubs in the world.