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The outage was the latest problem in the troubled rollout of the online health insurance exchanges set up by President Barack Obama's 2010 Affordable Care Act. Since the exchanges' problem-plagued October 1 launch, information technology experts from both the government and private contractors have been scrambling to fix the technical issues that plague the system, with a "tech surge" of additional experts beginning about a week ago.

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Paul Brewer, senior partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), sponsors of the commentary, said: "Scotland is amongst the best-performing UK regions outside London and the South East, and that is welcome.

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Researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration and the University of Florida focused on the cereal aisle, where it can be challenging to make healthy choices amid conflicting health claims and a multitude of sugary offerings targeting children.

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RIYADH, Oct 29 (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's Al Tayyar TravelGroup, a major tourism company in the region, expectsearnings to grow about 25 percent next year, aided by Saudigovernment spending and a planned acquisition in Britain, itstop executive said.

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(London)The Kenyan preacher (who is an ally to former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga) who claims to have super powers to create babies from mothers without necessary intercourse, Gilbert Deya, has been arrested for sexual offenses.

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"But for someone experiencing trouble at work because of poor performance, for example, reappraisal might not be so adaptive," added Troy. "Reframing the situation to make it seem less negative may make that person less inclined to attempt to change the situation."

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He was speaking after The Independent on Sunday reported that three companies – Scotia Gas, UK Power Networks and Electricity Northwest – had saved £140m between them by using legal tax loopholes to minimise their liabilities. With  gas and electricity prices continuing to dominate exchanges between political leaders, a survey for Age UK found that 28 per cent of pensioners said their main concern for the coming cold months was ensuring they could heat their homes. The charity said the figures suggested the problems could affect as many as three million older people across the UK.

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The path of the storm largely followed the route predicted by the Met Office, with hurricane-strength winds hitting the South West of the country in the early hours of Monday morning before moving up the south coast and to the Home Counties.

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"Is that what the pioneers who formed the Co-op anticipated? That it would be in the hands of American hedge funds?" barked John Mann, the Labour MP, at the former boss of the Co-operative Group last week.

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The tensions run deep on both sides, and Protestants have rioted repeatedly in Belfast this year over issues including which flags are used on administrative buildings to the routes of their traditional parades.

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Between 2011 and 2012, the researchers measured emissions from marriage ceremonies, funeral cremations, incense sticks in temples and graveyards, and found mango bark, cow dung, camphor, leaves, vermillion, and cow urine being burned. They identified fourteen "deadly" volatile organic compounds, including formaldehyde, benzene, styrene and butadiene, they told Nature magazine.

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* The S&P has climbed 6.4 percent since Oct. 8, when it hitits lowest point during the U.S. government's partial shutdownand the debate over raising the debt ceiling. The benchmarkindex is up 23.6 percent for the year so far, hitting a seriesof all-time highs. The Dow is less than 1 percent away from itsall-time closing high.

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this is beautiful, and I find myself echoing "EyeAkili's" comments -- as a woman of color BRCA previvor, where are the faces that look like mine? Where are the men who have also undergone surgical removal of breast tissue to save their lives? Where are the photos of the women who made the decision earlier in their 20s? I love this, and it missed a lot that could have been included, too. 

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Sign of the past? DVD rental chain Blockbuster Entertainment has gone into administration again. In March it was sold to private equity firm Gordon Brothers Europe but has suffered from poor trading since.