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Buy-side customers were able to connect on Friday to IEXthrough brokers and so far, more than 60 brokers haveregistered, or are in the process of doing so, to gain access tothe platform, including Virtu Financial.

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Baker Hughes Inc forecast an "exceptionally strong" year ahead for the Middle East, underpinned by new contracts from the Gulf OPEC heavyweight. It forecasts the international rig count overall to increase by 5 percent to average 1,300 rigs in 2013.

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OIV was cautious about giving wine consumption forecasts forthe year. It noted the last three months of the year made up fora large part of total sales and December alone can account forup to 40 percent of total sales for some products.

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The analysts said the offer, after taking into account thecompany's debt, valued the unit at 7.1 times enterprise value toearnings before interest, tax and amortisation, compared to the2013 valuation of 12.1 times for the whole group.

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That’s wishful thinking. At 65k income for a family of two the website says a minimum of $400 a month vs $120 now, with a 12k deductible vs $6k. Yes I was able to get on the website! Website problems may be overblown. Oh and 65k is too much for subsidies so don’t even go there.

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The bank was also ordered to place DFS examiners on site permanently and install personnel within its New York branch to oversee and audit any offshore money-laundering due diligence and monitoring undertaken by the Bank.

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"If there is no agreement by Easter, I would not excludethat the UK cable project could be delayed beyond 2020," AukeLont, Statnett's chief executive, told Reuters on Wednesday onthe sidelines of an energy conference.

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The dramatic change in circumstances surrounding the fundsand their owners have make it less likely than ever that theywould be launched, said Monday's filing to the U.S. Court ofAppeals in Washington, D.C.

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German researchers found that on game days, cardiac emergencies more than tripled for male soccer fans and nearly doubled for female soccer fans. The effect was most pronounced for games that really mattered, such as final matches. Presumably, World Series games can be just as stressful for baseball fans, Koven speculated.

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There is a worldwide taste for these little nuggets of naughtiness. The deep-fried samosa, an Indian version, has become a firm British favourite. In Brazil, the deep-fried pastel may be stuffed with shrimp or heart of palm, while stuffings for the panzerotti of southern Italy include fresh tomato and mozzarella or anchovy, salami, caper and olive. The stuffed dumplings known as pierogi are boiled in Poland, but visiting the West Side Market in Cleveland, Ohio, I found the Polish-American community there prefers them deep-fried.

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Robert Oxley, from The Taxpayers' Alliance, tells the BBC News Channel: "The government needs to stop pushing ahead with this vanity project and investigate whether there are better ways of investing in our infrastructure."

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Poor sleep quality may impact Alzheimer's disease onset and progression. This is according to a new study led by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health who examined the association between sleep ...

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The Rangers’ injured franchise goaltender did reveal he suffered the undisclosed injury “in the second game or so,” or during a 28-save performance in a 3-1 win on Oct. 8 in Los Angeles. Still, he wouldn’t disclose the problem, and couldn't say whether he’d play Saturday night in Detroit after sitting out Thursday night’s game against the Flyers. Cam Talbot took over for Lundqvist in Philly.

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There's no question the Patriots are the class of a division that is filled with not-ready-for-prime-time performers. We knew that from the start of training camp. The Patriots aren't about to lose this division to the likes of the 2-5 Bills, 3-4 Dolphins or 4-4 Jets, who were obliterated 49-9 Sunday in Cincinnati.

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Kevin DeLashmutt, 53, who is self-employed in real estate inSeattle, Washington, said that over the summer he received aletter from his insurance company saying the plan he now has isno longer available.