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These were among 200 people who packed into a Mise en Place meeting room in South Tampa on Tuesday night to join a grass roots campaign that is urging the former secretary of state to run for president in 2016.

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He was taken into police custody, while the man was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation. It is unclear whether or not the unidentified man sustained serious injuries from the scuffle.

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"Verizon is committed to supporting our HHS client andstabilizing their website. Since HHS asked usto provide additional compute and storage capacity, ourengineers have worked 24/7 to trouble-shoot issues with thesite," the statement said.

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Unanticipated decreases in the value of returned vehicles and/or increases in the frequency of defaults and loss severity on defaulted receivables could produce loss levels higher than the base case and could result in potential rating actions on the notes. Fitch evaluated the sensitivity of the ratings assigned to Porsche Innovative Lease Owner Trust 2013-1 to increased credit and residual losses over the life of the transaction. Fitch's analysis found that the transaction displays relatively little sensitivity to increased defaults and credit losses, showing downgrades of only one rating category even under Fitch's severe (2.5 times base case loss) scenario. The transaction shows significantly more sensitivity to residual loss volatility. Under Fitch's severe scenario, the class A notes could be downgraded by four rating categories to non-investment grade.

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General Motors sold 7.25 million vehicles during the sameJanuary to September period, up 4.6 percent year-on-year, whileVolkswagen rose 4.8 percent to 7.03 million vehicles, accordingto figures released earlier this month.

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The country's political system may make it difficult for thegovernment to push through economic reforms that are unpopularwith voters. Any government attempt to cut subsidies forcitizens would likely cause a strong backlash in parliament fromlawmakers who often campaign to raise benefits.

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After a trip to Iraq in 2006 he cited the administration's lack of planning to deal with sectarian violence, failure to deploy enough troops and other policy shortcomings, and concluded, "We are now, I think, strategically lost."

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Toon was on hand when his father was inducted in 2011 and he said it was a “special experience” to see how Jets fans embraced his dad. He also heard the original “Tooooooon” chant that once filled Giants Stadium when his father was hauling in big passes on Sunday afternoons. “Obviously they did it when he got inducted, and the Wisconsin fans did it for me when I was there,” he said. “I haven’t heard it yet in New Orleans. I’m hoping that at some point, we can get it going again. I don’t know what it will sound like (with a Cajun accent). I’m waiting to hear it.”

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"We suspect carcass weights peaked during the week of Oct.5 and will gradually work lower though the balance of thisyear," said Hales, citing forecasts for a wetter, colder secondhalf of the fourth quarter than a year ago, which should affectthe performance of cattle in feeding pens.

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AMCX can determine how to best monetize its increasingly popular original content either through distribution on its own networks around the world or through licensing agreements with international networks. Distributing original content on its own networks enhances the value of the brands and the networks, which will position AMCX to grow international affiliation fee and advertising revenues.

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"There'll never be a normal the way it was before all of this started," he said. "Our goals are to reconstruct her jawbone so she can eat, so she can talk, so she can swallow, she can function in normal society without having the stigmas that have been associated with her."

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Range is quoted at 140 miles in the EU Combined cycle, but realistically between 80 and 100 miles. Add another 3,150 to the basic 25,680 purchase price and you get the range extender i3, with a 650cc rear-mounted motorcycle petrol engine that acts as a generator for the battery, and which pushes the range to a maximum of 186 miles on one (9-litre) tank of fuel. Over 80 per cent of UK buyers are expected to buy this version.

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"But as a country, what we ought to be saying is no. Let's get our education system right so we are producing people out of our schools and colleges who are fully capable of doing those jobs which are being made available.

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"It's true that we show some interest in Postanska Banka,"Andreas Treichl told analysts on a conference call monitored byReuters via webcast. "Any other M&A activities, for the moment,I would exclude."