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The vehicle ploughed into pedestrians in the square, which has drawn occasional protests since 1989 pro-democracy demonstrations were suppressed by the military. Sources earlier told Reuters it was a suspected suicide attack.

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The new mathematics standards capitalize on the new understanding gained over the past decade about the learning progressions that lead to stronger mathematical competence. They provide greater focus and clarity for teachers and students at each grade level. In the early grades, teachers concentrate on developing students’ fluency with numbers and operations, while the middle grades focus on proportional reasoning (ratios, proportions, fractions, decimals), an essential conceptual underpinning for algebra and higher level math. Individual grade-level standards are united by a set of overarching "standards for mathematical practice" that describe intellectual qualities that students develop over time – perseverance in solving problems, the ability to reason abstractly and quantitatively, and the capacity to construct defensible arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

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The company's ambitions underline an important truth forEgypt's economy: although many businesses have cut investmentduring the political turmoil of the past two years, they areready to revive it quickly if stability returns.

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From there 23-year-old Trevor Rosenthal came on to strike out the side in the ninth inning, throwing a tick harder than Martinez at 99 mph, leaving Red Sox hitters perhaps wondering: who are these guys?

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The area around the square is one of China's most closely guarded and politically sensitive public venues. Just to the west lies the Great Hall of the People, the seat of China's parliament, while many of China's top leaders live and work just a few hundred meters (yards) away in the tightly guarded Zhongnanhai compound.

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Tavenner said in her written testimony that "the initial wave of interest stressed the account service, resulting in many consumers experiencing difficulty signing up, while those who were able to sign up sometimes had problems."

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Ryan told Reuters in an interview that simply maintainingthe automatic "sequester" cuts was the fallback position forRepublicans if Democrats do not agree to substitute longer-termsavings on expensive federal benefits programs.

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“That’s one of the main concerns of unions—are we going to see different standards county to county on enforcement law?” Mohamud said. “You could see one county where labor laws are enforced in full and others where it isn’t at all.”