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"These men ... have been hospitalized as a result ofinjuries caused by the flipping over of the car they were tryingto flee in," Sanchez said. It was not immediately clear when thekillings and arrests took place.

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On the role of religion, not surprisingly, a broad 74 percent of evangelical white Protestants say political leaders should rely at least somewhat on their religious beliefs in making policy decisions. That falls to half as many non-evangelical white Protestants, 37 percent, and drops further, to 16 percent, among Americans who profess no religion.

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Mediobanca also said its core Tier 1 capital ratio, apercentage of capital put aside to hedge against risky bankassets including investments and loans, stood at 11.5 percent atthe end of September, comfortably above the 8 percent benchmarkset by the European Central Bank (ECB) and one of the strongestin the Italian banking sector.

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"Enough is enough on charges. People need to know they aregetting value for money when they save into a pension and notbeing ripped off," pensions minister Steve Webb said in astatement announcing a consultation into the possible fee cap.

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Smalberger did not say his department had confirmed themistreatment allegations made by the Wits group. The departmentwas looking into them as part of its overall investigation intothe G4S management of the prison.

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Dubbing it “Handygate” after the German word for a mobile phone – the tabloid Bild am Sonntag has challenged President Obama’s protests of ignorance over spying allegations. It claims the US president knew Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone was being bugged in 2010.

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Buy-side customers were able to connect on Friday to IEXthrough brokers and so far, more than 60 brokers haveregistered, or are in the process of doing so, to gain access tothe platform, including Virtu Financial.

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Baker Hughes Inc forecast an "exceptionally strong" year ahead for the Middle East, underpinned by new contracts from the Gulf OPEC heavyweight. It forecasts the international rig count overall to increase by 5 percent to average 1,300 rigs in 2013.

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OIV was cautious about giving wine consumption forecasts forthe year. It noted the last three months of the year made up fora large part of total sales and December alone can account forup to 40 percent of total sales for some products.