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Yahoo shut down all of the re-homing groups on its site that Reuters brought to itsattention. A Facebook spokesman said the company had no plans to take down a popular but privatepage called Way Stations of Love, where adoptive parents sometimes seek new homes for unwantedchildren.

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Sasha and her husband, Atanas, are being investigated by Bulgarian police, who say the Rusevs sold their baby for adoption. A Greek couple, Christos Salis and Eleftheria Dimopoulo, are charged with kidnapping the young girl with blond hair and luminous blue eyes.

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The data came after central bank data showed last weekAsia's fourth-largest economy grew a seasonally adjusted 1.1percent in the third quarter over the previous quarter, beatingmarket expectations and matching a 2-year high set in theApril-June period.

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The New Mexico Supreme Court is expected to decide by year's end whether same-sex marriage should be recognized statewide rather than county by county, and the Illinois legislature is also considering the issue.

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Consumers will have until March 31 to sign up for insurance without paying a tax penalty in 2014, the White House announced late Wednesday. That date was already the end of open enrollment, but under the individual mandate rules it was not clear whether consumers who waited that long to enroll would still face penalties.

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"It is great to see so many people downloading BBM, but the true measurement for us is engagement - the connections being made and the conversations in which our BBM community engages. The power of BBM has always been the active, real conversations and interaction that our customers enjoy," said Andrew Bocking, Executive Vice President of BBM at BlackBerry. "From here on out, we will focus on active users of BBM and will no longer focus on simple download numbers."

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The debacle of the Affordable Care Act’s website raised similar questions about confidence. This was supposed to be Obama’s Big Deal. The President has other accomplishments — navigating out of the Great Recession was no minor feat — but restoring the status quo does not get your face on Mount Rushmore. It takes achievement, a program — something new and wonderful. The Affordable Care Act was supposed to be it.

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Because what they’ll see if they do is a team that’s a little lucky. In 2010 they missed the playoffs with a 10-6 record, yet somehow this year at 2-6 they’re alive in the playoff chase. They are fortunate that their worst start to a season in more than 30 years is a season where 8-8 — or worse — might be enough to win the NFC East.

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Simon’s parents, Robert and Jean Martin, said: “Today is the end of a long journey for us, which will finally give us closure. I would like to thank Northumbria Police and all those who have worked on this case to get today’s decision.

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Michael Fallon, the Tory energy minister, earlier this month said that a new generation of nuclear power stations will avoid the "blight" of building tens of thousands of wind turbines in the countryside.

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Markets seem to be forcing Beijing's hand towards theformer. Since the great fiscal suicide attempt on Capitol Hill,money has been flooding into China -- ostensibly from companiesrepatriating dollars stashed offshore. They seem to have figuredout China's brand of financial repression doesn't work ifBeijing can't count on the issuer of its biggest reservecurrency.

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Now we’ve heard about the Moto G before, they even trademarked the term a few weeks ago. Most of us thought it might be as simple as an accessory. But now we are seeing it on Motorola’s website, and Droid-Life seems to think it might be a mistake. Well adding it there might be a mistake, or maybe Motorola is trolling us as much as Google is with the Nexus 5, Nexus 10 and Android 4.4 – KitKat. We don’t know exactly what it is, but I don’t think they would do a complete site for an accessory. This seems to be more like a phone, or a tablet. Some believe that it is the cheaper Moto X we heard about months ago. Which back then was known as the Moto DVX. Or it could be a Motorola phone heading to Europe.

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The three governors, all Democrats, made the case that growing the economy is not incompatible with reducing pollution that the majority of the world's scientists say is heating the Earth, melting polar ice and raising sea levels.

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“It would be premature to say that Spain is out of the woods following one quarter of marginally positive growth but there are encouraging signs in Spain’s export performance,” said John Bowler, Europe Analyst at The Economist Intelligence Unit.

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“There are two types of diabetes, and they are not Type 1 and Type 2. They are controlled and uncontrolled,” Davidson said. “To call Type 1 more serious than Type 2 is dismissive. Type 2 diabetics are at equally high risk for developing complications, and being on insulin does not mean your diabetes is worse.”

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Cash-rich Japanese firms have been actively acquiringoverseas companies in recent years, including in the telecomsand information technology sector. SoftBank Corp inJuly completed its $21.6 billion purchase of Sprint Corp,Japan's biggest overseas acquisition.

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But unions and opposition MPs are angry, saying that state-owned East Coast has done well since National Express surrendered the franchise in November 2009, and that the Government is simply pursuing a political goal by seeking to award a new long-term franchise in early 2015, before the next General Election.

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While Ramallah's economic and policy elites speak optimistically of a breakthrough, high prices and shrinking livelihoods weigh on many working-class Palestinians, for whom this month's Eid al-Adha holiday was lean.

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"With that largely priced in, there's a risk that theymention maybe that it's not going to be quite as long of a delayas what the markets anticipated," said Eric Viloria, currencystrategist at Forex.com in New York.

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Meanwhile, Greenville Assistant Police Chief Andrew Kaho told the Delta Democrat Times that Terrance Morgan, 19; Edward Johnson, 19; Leslie Litt, 18; and Geblonski Murray, 18; were all arrested Monday, and charged with capital murder, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.

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"The easy ones have been dealt with now, Mighty River andMeridian, in terms of asset quality they were better thanGenesis and it will be a real challenge for the government tosell Genesis," said Morningstar analyst Nachi Moghe.

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As will be expected, Republican haters will trash the value of these congressmen, regardless of its value. Fact is, the US is at the forefront of preventing terrorism in the world, something that requires spying and eavesdropping. If the French won’t or can’t do it, we can’t sit around and hope these Jihadists will be stupid enough to plot and organize only within American borders.

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Fifa president Sepp Blatter last week called for more African and Asian representation at football’s biggest event, something that was widely regarded as a call for the number of European teams to be cut.

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Brent crude settled down 0.55 percent at $109.01 abarrel, though some traders said this was a consolidation aftera 2.5 percent gain the previous day, when reports of a sharpdrop in Libyan oil exports rekindled worries over global supply.U.S. crude settled down 0.5 percent at $98.20.

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“I am overwhelmed, I don’t know what to say but it is the best day of my life so far. Maybe in 10 years time I will look back and realise the enormity.” he said immediately after creating motor racing history.

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Investigators say that they believe Welch fell asleep at the wheel and sped off the road. Welch was likely injured and unable to get out of the van. They believe, however, that he survived for days — possibly weeks — in the wreck. The content of Welch’s final letters to his wife of 31 years and four adult sons will remain private.

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Obama is heading to Boston, Massachusetts, on Wednesday topromote Obamacare at the same spot where Mitt Romney signedMassachusetts' own healthcare law in 2006 as governor. Obama isexpected to highlight how Massachusetts' health overhaul, whichrelied on similar insurance exchanges, also got off to a slowstart.

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Ineos, which has said it will close a petrochemical plant onthe same site and has threatened to close the210,000-barrel-per-day refinery, is expected to make a statementsoon about whether it has accepted the union's offer to go alongwith a survival plan.

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U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, who chairs the Senate's intelligence committee, joined the ranks of critics on Monday, expressing outrage at U.S. intelligence collection on allies, and pique that her committee was not informed.

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Citing the "Waitrose effect", one local firm of solicitors announced on its website: "Chipping Sodbury will become aspirational with opening of new Waitrose store." It offered a special "Waitrose conveyancing" discount ahead of the store's opening.

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Prosecutors had to seek permission from South Africa's new National Director of Public Prosecutions to "centralize" all the charges, Mncube said, so they all could be heard in the same trial at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria. Pistorius' murder trial is due to start Mar. 3.

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The utility's admission in July - following months of denials - that the Fukushima plant was leaking radioactive substances into the Pacific Ocean was evidence that Tepco has not changed, Izumida said, adding the utility developed a culture of "institutionalized lying."

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"Previous Scottish Government scenarios for future oil revenues have forecast significant short term 'surpluses', amounts surpassing £7 billion. However, these scenarios have proven to be optimistic."

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Instead, the dance-off was contested by Meaden, who’d finished joint third bottom, and much more surprisingly, Casualty actor Patrick Robinson. He could count himself particularly hard done by: he not only finished higher up the judges’ scores but suffered a nasty wrist injury, which meant his routine had to be radically adapted. Still, it was further proof that no-one is safe in this year’s closely-fought contest.

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Separate technical problems that have stalled enrollment on Healthcare.gov since its launch on October 1 are at the heart of a new Republican effort to discredit the healthcare law, also known as Obamacare, largely through congressional investigations to determine what went wrong in building the costly and complicated implementation system.

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The researchers noticed electrical spikes in the dendrites which occurred selectively, depending on the visual stimulus. This indicated that the dendrites were involved in processing the visual information.

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As its capital ratio increased the bank said that it had started talks with regulators about restarting its dividend payments, which had been halted following the bank’s bailout in 2009. Lloyds Chief Executive António Horta-Osório said that the dividend policy should be set out by the end of 2013. He added that the bank would register “more sustainable” earnings in the future.

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Regulators with the Fed have been probing the proliferation of mortgage real estate investment trusts, or MReits, where long-term mortgages are financed with short-term loans from dealer banks, known as a repo.

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Martin’s former teammate, Kidd, adds a unique dimension to the rivalry. He spent last season with the Knicks and his leadership was seen as a major factor in both Anthony and Smith enjoying career years. With Metta World Peace now a Knick, Anthony talking about free agency and Smith no longer playing for a contract, Kidd’s presence in the locker room will be missed.

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Argentine President Cristina Fernandez has pledged to keeppaying the restructured debt but has vowed to never to pay morethan other creditors received. That has created investor concernthat the country could enter into a new technical default inorder to avoid paying the holdouts.

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Birmingham singer songwriter Laura Mvula has surged ahead in the last week as the bookies' favourite to win the Mercury Music Prize. But even if the former receptionist doesn't take the award, she has still prompted the biggest price change in its history.

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He added that it would be interesting in the future to explore the issue of whether children ‘would continue favouring the more attractive face even when they have evidence that the more attractive face is unreliable and the less attractive informant is a reliable informant'.

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Earlier this month, Google tweaked its offer to allow rivalsto display their logos and make their links more visible tousers. It will also allow advertisers to export theiradvertising campaigns to other platforms.

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"All focus is on trying to track down the people who were responsible for these attempts, to frustrate them and prevent them from carrying out their intentions to harm people in Northern Ireland," she said.

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In a third such allegation made this week, actor Rob Brown of HBO's "Treme" told the New York Daily News on Friday that he had been "paraded" through a midtown Mahattan Macy's in handcuffs in June, and held for an hour, after purchasing a $1,350 gold Movado watch for his mother.

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Model Magdalena Frackowiak showed off her toned figure in a lemon-yellow bandeau bikini top, a patterned bikini bottom and a coral pink pairing during a photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret in St. Barts on Aug. 8, 2013.