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Long gone from U.S. roads, the idea of a car/pickup hybrid has lived on in Australia where they are known as utes and have become as stereotypically Australian as a shrimp jumping off an Outback barbie into Paul Hogan’s mouth.

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The judge had also suggested that the Department for Education should contribute to any payout, stating in his judgment: "It would be entirely appropriate for Haringey to seek a voluntary contribution from the Secretary of State whose unlawful directions gave rise to the problems."

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The insurgents have threatened to hit French targets acrossthe Sahel region in revenge. AQIM said in March they hadbeheaded one hostage they held and warned that they could killthe others. His body was found in July.

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“American Experience” includes a series of vintage black-and-white “eyewitness” reports from people who were allegedly fooled. Viewers are free to decide whether they sound suspiciously scripted.

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Infant swaddling has, historically, been a near-universal practice, researchers report, and in recent years it’s enjoyed a popular “resurgence.” Why? Because it genuinely appears to calm kids down with “its perceived palliative effect on excessive crying, colic and promoting sleep,” researchers write. “Approximately 90% of infants in North America are swaddled in the first few months of life.”

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Hundreds of paid canvassers are pounding the pavement across Florida as part of a petition drive that could result in state-regulated medical marijuana. Organizers of the campaign have until Feb. 1 to obtain the nearly 700,000 signatures required to land their proposal on Florida's 2014 ballot.

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The “tune an instrument” instruction is entirely suited to ahands-free device whilst another newly-discovered command - “find a recipe” - would helpkeep sticky fingers off a recipe book or iPad.

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The NYPD is determined to do everything in its power to prevent tragedies like this from happening again. Our grandmothers program is part of a wider initiative called the NYPD-Brooklyn Clergy Coalition. We partner with a group of more than two dozen prominent African-American religious leaders in Brooklyn to reduce violent crime.

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Annie Nightingale got her Radio 1 job in 1970. She was already a respected music journalist. Not, frankly, something you could say about many of the male DJs around then. Annie knew and cared about the music; without being unfair, it might be gently suggested that some of her male counterparts were more firmly focused on their own navels. They were "personalities". And look where that got us.

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"What I've been telling folks is that, in general, $850 million-plus is the number that's needed, maybe even $900 million-plus," said Ben Schachter, an analyst with Macquarie Research, whose own estimate calls for $836 million in mobile ad revenue.

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Despite MSG pouring $1 billion into the refurbishment, the New York City Council in July voted 47-1 to extend the Garden’s midtown location permit for only 10 more years, with eyes on a complete overhaul of Penn Station, which lies beneath the World’s Most Famous Arena.

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Obama lauded Comey, a former Justice Department official during the Bush administration, amid mounting scrutiny of the federal government's far-reaching law enforcement practices, specifically to counter terror threats.

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Burleson suffered two breaks in his left forearm and hasn't played since Week 3. He caught passes on the field before Sunday's 31-30 win at home over the Cowboys and told reporters he hopes to be back on the field in Week 10 to face the Bears following the bye this week.

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The group challenging the law wants to support Joe Lhota against his opponent Bill De Blasio in the waning days of the current New York City mayoral campaign, just as other similar groups attacked Speaker Christine Quinn on behalf of de Blasio to help him defeat her in the Democratic mayoral primary.

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The U.S. ambassador to Turkey said on Thursday Washingtonwas concerned that the $3.4 billion deal with the Chinese firmcould undermine allied air defences and had begun "expert" talkswith Ankara to assess the potential impact.

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"The Netherlands has felt a growing urgency over recent years to get clarity over the origins of the public art collections, to do justice to the victims of World War Two," Culture Minister Jet Bussemaker said in a statement.