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The bill, which increases income tax rates for the wealthyand slaps levies on sugary drinks and junk food as well as acharge on stock market gains, seeks to raise total tax revenuesby nearly 3 percent of economic output by 2018.

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Expectations of progress were raised even before Monday's opening Vienna round after Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi met with IAEA chief Yukiya Amano and promised "new approaches" meant to end the impasse.

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The Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Index was unchanged in the third quarter from the previous three months at 94, up 2 points from the same period a year earlier. A reading below 100, however, signals still relatively low consumer morale.

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As the NBA season tips off, the over-under for total wins for the 76ers this year is 16.5, the lowest of any team and the lowest that LVH sports book oddsmaker Jeff Sherman can remember putting up on any NBA team in the last decade or so.

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Afghanistan has called for Baradar's release for years. His captivity in Pakistan has been a source of tension as anxiety grows ahead of a planned withdrawal of most U.S.-led troops from Afghanistan at the end of next year.

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Barcelona, though, had every reason to celebrate as Andrés Iniesta, marvellous as ever here, ended their special night with the revelation that he would “soon” be signing a new contract at the club.

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That convenience spreads throughout the game too. Fact is that, match engine aside, Football Manager is all about menu interface and any streamlining of that experience is to be welcomed. So now, when your assistant makes an observation during the match, you can apply his advice immediately with a button underneath his remarks, rather than having to dip into your tactics screen. This layer of accessibility and convenience is everywhere, information that was alluded to in an email is now just a single button press away. It would be disingenuous to suggest FM14 doesn’t take some getting used to for the newcomer, but Sports Interactive continue to tweak each edition to make the initiation that little bit more comfortable.

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"The Congress, together with the Department of Defense and industry, must be willing to do the hard work to find root causes, look past Band-Aid fixes and parochial interests, and have the courage to implement meaningful, lasting reform," McKeon said at the start of a hearing on the issue.

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In response to questions from Fox News about the auditor’s report, Jeremy Hartley, communication chief for UNICEF’s private fund-raising and partnerships division, declared that “national committees strive to maintain acceptable cost-to-income ratios that depend on the size, development stage and the respective national conditions of the NGO sector of each committee. Expenses for different fundraising activities vary substantially from one country to another.”    

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John Robertson, a Labour MP, warned that thousands of people were dying of hypothermia because they could not afford to pay their bills. He dismissed the companies' claims that they do not disconnect customers by pointing out that those who fall into debt are moved on to prepayment meters which in effect force them to "self-disconnect". "The big reason is they die of hypothermia and they can't afford to keep the heating on. By the time you have gone to look for them [after 30 days of no energy] it's too late," he said.

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That's what you get for not wearing a bra, Lilo. Thankfully, her long red ponytail managed to cover up just enough to prevent total exposure. It's been a bumpy trip for Lohan since she arrived in Brazil ...

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Predictably, Samsung and Apple remain at the top of the market share rankings by some distance. South Korean firm Samsung continued its relentless dominance, shipping a record 88.4 million smartphones across the globe, and also capturing an unprecedented 35 per cent of the global market share.