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Nitzan said Israel is again "open to constructive criticism" from a forum that it has long believed has an anti-Israel bias reflected in a disproportionate focus on the Jewish state's policy toward the Palestinians.

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Typically, more than 200,000 people are hospitalized eachyear for flu-related illness. Many large firms like Walsh'soffer free flu shot clinics, but letting workers know they won'tbe penalized for taking sick leave can also pay dividends forbusinesses big and small.

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- First, their job description does not include bluster, even delicious bluster. While his thrust was right, Fitzpatrick was off the dial in explaining why the Legislature must be the commission’s central target as follows: “Thirty members of the governor’s staff haven’t been walked out in handcuffs in the last five years.”

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"This is all wrong, it's not obligatory," Sheikh Abdulaziz Al al-Sheikh said, in reference to Saudi men joining a civil war that is now in well into its third year, according to pan-Arab daily al-Hayat.

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The delays in restructuring have left OGX out of cash and atrisk of having Brazil's government revoke oil leases, thecompany's main asset. While a bankruptcy would not automaticallylead to a cancellation of the leases, OGX needs to find new cashquickly to meet minimum capital spending requirements with thegovernment, Brazil's oil industry watchdog ANP said on Oct. 17.

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FILE- In this Sept. 20, 2012 file photo, Croupiers sit at a baccarat gaming table inside a casino during the opening day of Sheraton Macao Hotel at the Sands Cotai Central in Macau. In China, the world’s largest gambling market, casino debts are not legally enforceable. Over the summer, a bilingual Chinese website posted a list of high rollers the site said were dodging their gambling debts. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung, File)

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"The government unanimously approved the appointment of Dr.Karnit Flug as the governor of the Bank of Israel," PrimeMinister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said in a statement thatcame as the cabinet held its weekly meeting.

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Houses in London take just over four weeks to sell on average amid continued demand from wealthy overseas buyers in the capital, compared with slightly more than eight weeks across England and Wales. Demand from prospective buyers in London surged by more than 6% month-on-month, helping to maintain the upward pressure on prices there.

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But instead of the left, the benefactor of voters' anger wasthe anti-corruption group ANO, founded two years ago by billionaire businessman Andrej Babis, likened in the media toItaly's Silvio Berlusconi.

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A ‘company policy’ doesn’t override criminal accountability under such titles as “criminal negligence” and/or “depraved indifference.” Looking at a one-on-one scenario; he did the right thing, regardless.

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Despite being so devastated by climate change, Bangladesh barely contributes to this phenomenon. The country has one of the lowest rates of per capita carbon emissions in the world. What makes climate change particularly cruel for Bangladesh is that it makes it even more difficult for the population to climb out of poverty.

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The French have historically both made and drunk the most wine. But the US is now a close second, while China's taste for wine is also on the rise, having doubled twice in the last five years.