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The sources said Turkey's missile defense deal could alsoaffect its plans to buy radar-evading F-35 fighter jets built byLockheed Martin Corp, which also builds the PAC-3missiles used by the Patriot missile defense system.

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When he was chief economist at the Bank for InternationalSettlements, Bill White issued a series of prescient pre-crisiswarnings of bubbles and imbalances that were building up in theglobal economy. He was politely ignored.

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It is too bad to see one of the greats end his career this way. But I would be surprised to see him get that trade because Atlanta is going to need him to have any hope of salvaging this season. And I don’t think they are ready yet to pull the handle and flush the season.

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Jorge Ramos, one of Univision's two longtime news anchors,will present the nightly news in Spanish at 6:30 p.m., beforeditching his tie, and at times going for jeans and a sweater, tohost a new one-hour show on Fusion at 8 p.m., called "Américawith Jorge Ramos."

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But when the NSA director and other spy chiefs appear at a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Tuesday it will be against a backdrop of angry European allies accusing the United States of spying on their leaders and citizens.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel personally called US President Barack Obama for a dressing down last week. Spain joined France and Germany Monday in summoning its US ambassador for explanations of the latest allegations.

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But mounting political and regulatory scrutiny of Wall Street banks' involvement in the physical commodity trading, particularly the ownership of metals warehousing firms, has cut the chances that the funds would be ever launched.

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Lampert, often criticized by Wall Street for not investingenough in stores and for relying on financial engineering toboost profits, had indicated in 2012 that assets such as Lands'End, which Sears bought for about $2 billion in 2002, could beseparated.

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Shares of Riverbed rose 8 percent in post-market tradingafter the company announced the results, but they failed to holdon to earlier gains after the current-quarter forecast. Thestock, which closed at $14.35 on the Nasdaq, was up at $14.42.