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"People have such a huge misconception about me, about us," she said. "People believe that Edwin and I live this extravagant, over-the-top life. I wanted to show people that isn't how we are. We're normal, even though normal is a relative term. We live a normal life just like everyone else."

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Economists and market participants see no change in theFed's $85 billion monthly asset purchase programme at thetwo-day meeting ending on Wednesday. Most predict the centralbank to delay any stimulus tapering to at least March next year.

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"This is the responsibility that the Government have for spending public money, they have got to be absolutely sure that it's already a large amount of money - are the benefits justifying it, is it the right project?

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Chris Cummings, the chief executive of TheCityUK, added: "We know from our wider public opinion research that matters of immigration and youth unemployment are far more pressing in voters' minds than EU reform. However, it will be voters across the country that will decide the outcome of any referendum."

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Libertarians, who generally support maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of government, differ sharply with the Tea Party and religious conservatives on issues such as abortion and decriminalization of marijuana, according to the survey by the non-partisan Public Religion Research Institute.

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A forensic toxicologist said Friday that four central nervous system depressants were found in Michele MacNeill's blood that would have had a powerful knock-out effect. MacNeill's defense lawyers argue that she died from a heart condition.

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Once upon a time, Jay Z — rap star, media mogul, fashion designer, sports agent, half of probably the most powerful couple in entertainment — was just Shawn Carter, a kid growing up in Brooklyn.

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According to Corriere della Sera, a regular debriefing with European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and other EU delegates revealed they had been given souvenir USB keys and cables to connect smartphones with personal computers.

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"Through this review, led by the White House, the United States is reviewing the way that we gather intelligence to ensure that we properly account for the security concerns of our citizens and allies and the privacy concerns that all people share," Hayden said, adding that she was not in a position to discuss the details.

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While Brodeur didn't face many shots in the opening two periods, he had to make several big saves. He made a point-blank save on Alex Killorn seconds before Henrique was called for his penalty and stopped Carle in close after Stamkos scored.

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"I found a man not, as caricatured, itching to ascend the throne, but impatient to get as much done as possible before, in the words of one member of his household, 'the prison shades' close," Mayer writes in the online essay.

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U.S. and Russian experts collaborated on the destruction of Libya's chemical weapons after that country relinquished them in 2003. The United States and Russia have extensive experience in destroying chemical weapons. Norway has indicated it could assist in the operation.