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The exact number of people facing Jan. 1 cancellations isunclear because many policies will not lapse until later in 2014or may still be renewed this year, or pre-date the March 2010law, which allowed some plans to be exempt from certain rules.

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If approved, apremilast will compete with injected biotechmedicines that have proved to be highly effective, but have moreserious potential side effects, such as opportunistic infectionsand tuberculosis because the biologics suppress the immunesystem.

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Democratic Representative Chris Van Hollen, another memberof the budget panel, told Reuters on Tuesday that Democratswould not agree to significant cuts in social programs withoutincreasing revenues by eliminating some tax breaks.

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Rookie Jeb Burton finished third, while Ben Kennedy, the 21-year-old great- grandson of NASCAR founder Bill France Sr., took the fourth spot. Ryan Blaney, also a rookie this year, completed the top-five.

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My parents are first-generation migrants to the UK, so obviously a great deal. My grandfather came to Britain from Rawalpindi in 1963, alone, with nothing. His first job was planting potatoes in Bradford. He made enough money for his wife and children to join him. My dad came to the UK when he was nine. He was a mechanic and also owned a scrapyard.

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A number of surfers headed to the popular big wave surf spot of Nazaré as storms pummeled Europe, including Burle and his compatriot Maya Gabeira. The surfers used a jet ski to tow themselves into position to catch the enormous waves that rolled in there. 

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With a rechargeable Ziosk terminal on a table at an Unorestaurant in Massachusetts recently, diners could order theold-fashioned way or cut out the middleman and send the food anddrink request straight to the bar or kitchen. Customers alsocould use the terminal to pay, rather than waiting for a check.

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His statement contradicted that of another senior lawmaker,Hossein Naqavi Hosseini, who had said Iran had stopped enrichinguranium above 5 percent because it already had all the 20percent enriched fuel it needs for a medical research reactor inTehran.