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Without the hub, consumers are unable to apply online forcoverage or determine their eligibility for federal subsidies tohelp pay for insurance premiums. The hub was built by atechnology unit of UnitedHealth Group Inc.

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"In the old days people used to call (Republican President) Ronald Reagan the ‘Teflon president' if something bad happened in his administration and it did not stick to him," Republican strategist Charlie Black said.

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"It's the same as always -- come in, make adjustments, talk about what they're doing, and today we just did better in the third quarter than we had been, and thankfully we did because that first half was bad. We knew that first half wasn't the way we wanted to play or the way we should play, so we knew we had to turn it around and guys did a better job of executing and finishing. It all came together in the second half for us."

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Brady has had the most inconsistent eight-game stretch to start a season in his 13-year career as starter. Despite what he would have you believe, his throwing hand looks like it lost a fight with a defensive lineman's helmet. 

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But Attorney-General George Brandis said the new conservative government of Prime Minister Tony Abbott, which took power after winning September 7 national elections, had no plans to relax this stance.

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CME has been battling a slumping advertising market incentral and eastern Europe and said it no longer expected tomake a core profit this year, blaming a weaker outlook in itsCzech and Slovak markets.

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Norway's foreign minister announced Friday that the country had turned down a U.S. request to receive the bulk of Syria's chemical weapons for destruction because it doesn't have the capabilities to complete the task by the deadlines given.

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SEC. HAGEL: Well, first, on sequestration and how it affects the rebalance, I've said, all of our chiefs have said, General Dempsey has said continued sequestration cuts will affect all of our plans in all areas. At the same time, we've said that this rebalance, Asia Pacific, is a priority.

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Forest official PK Dhola says: "When the herd entered the city, we tried our best to contain its movement. There were 11 of them, including two calves. We managed to make the herd go into the local football stadium, but we were not sure how we could drive them back to the forest. It was a difficult task."

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Negotiations have been underway for several weeks. Any settlement would be a blow to Cohen and his reputation as one of the greatest stock traders of his generation. But people familiar with the billionaire trader told Reuters he has been telling people he is looking to put the nearly seven-year long investigation of his firm behind him.

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The top Republican in Congress, House Speaker John Boehner, told reporters there should be a review of NSA spying on allied leaders. He said the United States must balance its obligations to allies with its responsibility to keep Americans safe.

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WCB earlier noted the heavy trade in a statement to theAustralian Stock Exchange, but said it was not aware of thereason for the unusual activity. It added that it was incompliance with its disclosure obligations.

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The marathon, the fourth-largest U.S. race and ninth in theworld, is used by many runners to qualify for the BostonMarathon, the only mass participation race that requires aqualifying time. Last year, 889 runners out of 23,519 finishersin the Marine Corps Marathon qualified for the Boston race.

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So as I have said on radio, TV, in conversations with my anti-Obamacare friends and my husband's medical colleagues: Wait.  Medicare part D was ridiculed and attacked by my fellow Democrats. Now that plan is a success. Medicare and Social Security were slated to fail. Ask our ever growing senior population who among them would like to give their Medicare or Social Security back to Uncle Sam.