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Building consensus among creditors, shareholders and Batistahimself is essential so that OGX can file for bankruptcyprotection and then move the restructuring process quicklythrough the courts, preventing OGX from defaulting on itscontractual agreements with the ANP, two of the sources said.

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“As long as they make you feel warmer, breathe harder and make your heart beat faster, activities such as DIY and gardening count towards the 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity recommended for a healthy lifestyle.”

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Trackside operations director Alan Permane was heard on the team radio using a profanity to order the Finn, who had worn tires and overheating brakes, to move over and let team mate Romain Grosjean through for third place.

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Not only would a filing be a sign of how far Batista's star has fallen, but it would also provide a stiff test of whether Brazil's eight-year-old bankruptcy law provides adequate protection to creditors.

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Differences among the plans mean there is even more uncertainty. There's no agreed-upon asset allocation for each age group, and there are even more glide paths today than there were in 2008. Many plans have added multiple options - typically labeled "conservative," "moderate" and "aggressive" - for each age range.

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Committee member Alan Whitehead of Southampton asks how, with separate companies and separate strategies, they all raise the prices at the same time, by similar amounts, and even make their announcements in the same order every year.

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At the plenum, the reform agenda is likely to feature financial and tax reforms, but may also address persistent issues such as hastening urbanization through land reforms and liberalizing China's household registration system, which restricts migration between rural areas and cities.

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Vodafone and Telecom have been engaged in a price war formobile and fixed-line broadband customers as Telecom aims toincrease its market share of the mobile market to make up for anongoing fall in fixed-line customers.

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One other new twist that’s arriving with Apple’s new iPads is a change in app pricing, or lack thereof. Buy any new iPad — or iPhone, or iPod Touch — and you’re entitled to free copies of Apple’s iPhoto image editor, iMovie video editor, GarageBand music maker, Pages word processor, Numbers spreadsheet and Keynote presentation tool. They’re all good, and the company has retooled all of them for iOS 7′s streamlined interface. Rather than finding them pre-installed, you download them gratis from the App Store; it’s nice not to have to ponder whether they’re worth the few dollars apiece which Apple has been charging until now.

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The FIA does not want to force the teams to comply with Pirelli's limits because race director Charlie Whiting feels it is unfair to force teams whose cars have better tyre life to be reduced to the lowest common denominator.

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Short sequences of DNA, called distant-acting enhancers, account for much of the variation in the faces of humans, according to Vixel and his colleagues. These DNA sequences are located in non-coding genome regions,but are important in influencing the activity of genes associated with our faces.