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The outage that started in the early hours of Sunday caused the data center to lose network connectivity with the federal government's data services hub, an electronic traffic roundabout that links the online health insurance marketplaces with numerous federal agencies and can verify people's identity, citizenship, and other facts.

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The shipwreck was a popular location at this year's Eilat Red Sea World of Underwater Images, where about 80 amateur and professional photographers competed in what they say is the world's biggest underwater photo "shootout".

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Granted, but it has been a hidden tax, mostly through money creation and debt expansion. Now it is in their face. I think in time, this will be seen as the strategic mistake. Raising FICA rates and/or adding new employer taxes like it would have been better. The less transparent the theft the better.

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Across a disused border post lies Estonia, a euro currency nation that Latvia will next year emulate. From a quirk of history this town is split between the two countries, where some street vendors deal in euros and others in Latvian lats.

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The public nuisance complaint filed Monday in Los Angeles County Superior Court demands the company halt operations until it no longer produces the smell. The city said residents have complained of headaches and irritation to their eyes and throats, according to the lawsuit.

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If last night is any indication, the Flyers are still a long ways off. Anaheim is now 7-0-0 in one-goal games; the Flyers are 2-4-0. The Ducks (nee: Mighty) are 6-0-0 when leading after two periods; the Flyers are now 2-2-0. There is a clear difference between the Flyers and teams like Anaheim - the class of the West - even though the Ducks were without the likes of Saku Koivu, Dustin Penner, Luca Sbisa, Jakob Silfverberg and even Teemu Selanne, who left the game early.

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In reviewing cervical pap smears taken since 2010, more than half of the women had changes associated with developing cervical cancer — 239 early-stage and 88 in the advanced stage. And many of the women — 73 percent — were infected with more than one type of HPV. There are 40 subtypes in total.

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To improve those prospects, get by on less. If the 60-year-old couple can live on 60% of their income, they can drop their withdrawal rates to 6% before claiming Social Security, then 3%, doubling their shot at success.

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Her chief enforcer, Commerce Secretary Guillermo Moreno, has attempted to take legal action against anyone who compiles an alternative inflation index, alleging that the aim is to manipulate the markets by publishing false data.

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Other investment banks may be allowed to own physical commodity assets like power plants or oil terminals as so-called merchant banking investments, lawyers said, which could offer better protection from legal risk.

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David Cameron has said this is Stalinist market control, and he'll bring down bills by scrapping green taxes. And then finding the money from elsewhere in general taxation, which means it makes no difference to most of us unless he whacks up the taxes on polo mallets and duck houses.

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The False Claims Act allows private parties to file actions alleging that defendants defrauded the federal government, with a part of the penalty money going to the private party in the case of a victory. Infosys came under scrutiny in the U.S. after Jack Palmer, an Infosys employee in the U.S., alleged that the company committed visa fraud and that he had faced mistreatment for questioning the practice.

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Twerk it! Hugh Hefner, 87, and wife Crystal Harris, 27, followed this year’s most popular Halloween trend, dressing up as Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus at the annual Playboy Mansion Halloween party. Click on the pic below for more stars in costume!

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So while they had lefty specialist Randy Choate ready in the bullpen, they chose not even to mess with Ortiz in the sixth inning, having starter Lance Lynn pitch around him with Dustin Pedroia already on base and the game tied 1-1.

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Allen Craig singled with one out in the ninth, bringing Wong in as a pinch-runner. Carpenter popped out, giving Beltran the final shot at tying the game. He never had that opportunity thanks to Wong’s rookie mistake, which ended the game in bizarre fashion for a second straight night. 

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GM Chief Financial Officer Dan Ammann said the No. 1 U.S. automaker's European unit remains on track to achieve its target of breaking even in the next year or so. GM has lost money in Europe for 13 straight years.

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Yet we’d never mistake a drawing in this show for the representation of a statue, still less as an illustration to a myth. Because we know how and why these drawings were made, we see them as studies of real people, many of whom are recognisable from drawing to drawing. Every so often, as in Charles-Joseph Natoire’s ‘Seated man, holding his left knee’ (1746) a model’s distinctive face may suggest the poverty or ill health that drove him to take up this line of work.