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Youngsters aged 5 to 16 can complete the police’s Halloween and Bonfire Night quiz for a chance to win a trip to Willows Farm Village or the Warner Bros Studio Tour. For fire safety advice call 0300 123 4046 or visit

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Ten of the highest scoring vehicles were Toyotas and eight Lexus models received top marks. All Lexus and Acura models earned an above average reliability score while all Infiniti, Mazda, and Toyota models earned an average or better reliability score.

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Monthly users rose to 259 million during the quarter, a 38 percent rise from a year ago, LinkedIn said. In the quarter, the company earned 39 cents a share, excluding certain items, exceeding the 32 cents expected by analysts.

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“I don't feel any type of entitlement to being a favorite,” Hamlin said. “Especially how we've run these last six months or so has been very tough. We've definitely been sort of a non-factor, I guess you could say, as far as race wins are concerned. I think for the competition or anyone from the outside to think that the 11 is going to be the favorite going into a track where we struggled to run top-10 lately would be far-fetched.

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Employees at a dozen other Beijing hotels refused to discuss the order in a likely sign that police have banned talk of their investigation into the attack Monday in the capital's political heart, where China's communist leaders live and work.

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The frigid northeastern city of Harbin, home to 11 millionpeople, virtually ground to a halt last week when airbornecontaminants were around 50 times the level recommended by theWorld Health Organisation. Beijing had its own emergency inJanuary when air pollution was 45 times the level.

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Herbalife raised its outlook for the full year 2013 and now expect adjusted earnings in the range of $5.19 to $5.23 per share and sales growth of 17 to 17.5 percent. Analysts currently estimate earnings of $4.99 per share for the year, on revenue growth of 16.90 percent.

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Samsung seems to also be aware of the challenges, and is only selling the Galaxy Round in limited quantities. But aside from a few unique features, the phone doesn’t offer much new in terms of usability. Perhaps only the phone’s aesthetics really set it apart, and make it look appealing. While the handset is nice to hold, consumers outside of South Korea aren’t missing much from Samsung’s newest phone.

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The offer may be increased from the current $300 million, buy-back plan at the company's discretion, the statement added.The tender offer expires at midnight on Nov. 25 unlessterminated earlier or extended beyond that date by Hypermarcas.