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Flaherty said that it would be his department'sresponsibility to act on housing prices since the Bank of Canadahas "basically no room to move," but added: "I have no intentionof interfering in the market for the time being."

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But they might also qualify for a 40pc reduction in life and health insurance premiums – if the wider industry follows the example of one insurer and agrees to treat “e-cig” users as “non-smokers”.

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It now remains to be seen how the Golf Channel will respond to Woods' veiled threat. They have yet to comment. Chamblee is one of the few commentators at the NBC-owned network willing to make waves. He’s probably its most recognizable voice among true golf fans.

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It was a mess that can’t afford to happen again if the Jets have any hope of being a playoff threat during the second half of the season. Smith’s three-turnover first-half implosion against the Titans in Week 4 was hardly a shock, but Sunday’s defensive meltdown was disconcerting on myriad levels.

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Libertarians are more opposed to government involvement in economic policies than those affiliated with the Tea Party and Republicans overall, the survey found. For instance, 65 percent of libertarians were opposed to increasing the minimum wage, while 57 percent of Republicans overall supported it, the survey found.

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He left his wife, Ashley, and three boys, Blake and twins Luke and Kade, in Buffalo for the time being. He has a long season still ahead, one that includes his first Olympic Games in Sochi in February.

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The simplest measure of how much a company gives back to shareholders every year is the dividend yield, the ratio of the dividend payment to the share price. A high yield is obviously attractive – but you need to be sure that it is sustainable.

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Executive Director Terri Gray said, “We are now in a location where we are close to newborn and pediatric care.  There are lots of medical facilities out in this area for families to take advantage of.  It’s also located close to a residential area.  It’s a very quiet, park like setting.  It’s very lovely for families to stay here.”

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The period and layout of the house has a strong influence on the site. Some garden areas are more important due to their juxtaposition with the house. Putting a contemporary, asymmetrical design in front of a perfectly proportioned Queen Anne house would be a difficult mix to harmonise. “A good design is rather like a well-cut suit – it has to be right,” he says. “No matter how many decorations you add to it, if the basic cut does not look good then nothing will rectify it. It also has to be suitable for the purpose and place, just as you would not turn up to a black-tie affair in jogging bottoms.”

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Contractors have already blamed the administration for not conducting enough vital system-wide testing and for a last-minute design change requiring online visitors to set up accounts before window-shopping for insurance. The change is widely blamed for creating early bottlenecks as millions of people flooded the website.

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Still, invested assets at UBS Wealth Management Americasrose 10 percent from a year ago to $919 billion, largely drivenby higher managed-account assets, which were up 5 percent. Theymade up 31 percent of the unit's total invested assets at theend of September.

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Back to the present: When Gen. Keith Alexander says that the programs he defends are used to fight terrorists, he makes a categorical error. We are no longer living in 2002 and 2003, when the mere use of the t-word was enough to end all discussion and debate. Terrorism remains a threat, but it is not an existential one. When Alexander says something dumb like that, it allows Glenn Greenwald to reply by asking whether Angela Merkel is a terrorist, which means that Alexander has just completely thrown his own agency under the bus. Eavesdropping on Angela Merkel might have been a mistake, and a bad policy call by the Bush administration (which I suspect it was). Or, it might have been much more necessary in 2003 than it is today. But it has nothing to do with terrorism. Not a thing.

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The same year “Panic Room” came out, Leto’s band Thirty Seconds to Mars — which he formed in 1998 with his brother, Shannon — released their first album. The band’s success, and two subsequent albums, kept Leto out of major movies for several years by his own choice.

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With the 4 p.m. deadline just hours away, Reese declined to rule out the possibility that he would deal his top receiver, which several NFL sources believed he might do when the Giants were off to their 0-6 start. Things have changed since they won two straight games and attached themselves to the fringe of the race in the NFC East.

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Vivendi and Lagardere have been in court since February whenLagardere sued Vivendi for 1.6 billion euros ($2.21 billion) indamages over Canal . It argued that Vivendi makes permanent useof the business's entire cash surplus under a disputed cashmanagement agreement between the venture and its parent company.

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I missed Brody, he’s only been in one episode so far. The show is exciting when he is on the screen and him and Carrie had great chemistry. I want him to run away with the daughter from the 3rd episode, that would be something to watch.

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"I think some people hear 'transplant' and automatically think surgery, and they get nervous," said Manocchio-Putney. "But at the same time, you see this tremendous outpouring of love and people who genuinely want to help and are looking for nothing in return."

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"Was she going in and pounding on the table somewhere? No.But she was clearly making people aware that things werebuilding and that there was a risk there, that if things wentwrong there could have been significant challenges," he said.

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“The state’s case relied on Michael Skakel’s uncontested connection to the murder weapon, strong evidence of motive, substantial evidence of consciousness of guilt, nearly a dozen incriminating admissions and three unequivocal confessions,” Smriga said in a release.

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As President Obama's team grapples with complaints from other countries about U.S. surveillance, officials say one option the administration is weighing is ending programs that monitor foreign leaders.

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Kenyatta stands accused of orchestrating a wave of violence after 2007 elections in which some 1,200 died. His deputy William Ruto, a former political rival, faces similar charges. Ruto's trial began last month.

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Dozens of nations sounded off with a litany of complaints and recommendations. Typical of the speeches was the condemnation by Egypt's U.N. Ambassador Wafaa Bassem of Israel's treatment of Palestinians, and her nation's demand for the immediate release of all political prisoners and free movement for Palestinian refugees.

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Some millennials prefer online video options such as Netflix, and constantly check their mobile phones and computersthroughout the day, digesting headlines on Twitter and Facebook.Fusion's Lee said the network will engage its audience throughits website and social media, then provide context and in-depthreporting on television, along with comedy.

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"Sometimes we need to be more imaginative about how we work. I know some people will point to the importance of their human rights but if they show they want to attack the local community, that community should be able to say 'right, we're going to control your behaviour'."

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Flanagan and his peers believe waiting on the federal government to build protections is a waste of time, so they’ve been looking into ways to get Staten Islanders who live in flood-prone areas to pay about $6,000 a year to build a levee system.

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If you cannot stay in your home, talk to your insurance provider about an alternative. Most insurers have arrangements in place with hotels and boarding houses where they can secure special discounts, so don't book into a hotel until you clear it with your insurer.

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"The administration officials made clear that the Wattconfirmation is a top White House priority, that the Senateshould move forward to confirm him this week," said White Housespokeswoman Amy Brundage.

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That meant relief for tens of millions of people in U.S. hurricane danger zones. But 2013 has been a bust for long-range forecasters who had predicted a stronger-than-usual burst of activity in the tropical Atlantic.

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In Los Angeles and San Diego, home prices more than doubledbetween the beginning of 2000 and when Yellen took on the job inthe summer of 2004, according to Standard & Poor's/Case-Shillerindex data. In Las Vegas, they jumped 50 percent in the previousyear alone. And in San Francisco, prices had risen nearly 40percent since the dot-com crash of 2000-2001.

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At the same time, the system punishes multiple candidates with similar positioning, who run the risk of splitting the same vote and missing the cut for the general election. That’s exactly the sorting problem that party primaries solve. A more promising alternative now used in several municipalities is ranked-choice voting (RCV). Under this system, voters rank multiple candidates for office. As the votes are counted, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated and his or her votes reassigned to the supporters’ next highest choice. This process is repeated until a candidate has majority support among the remaining candidates.

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With the free iPhone app Track n Treat, children send a time-limited link of their location via a phone number or email. This then allows parents to track their whereabouts via a web browser for the next four hours.