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Malone, nicknamed the “Chairman of the Boards” for his rebounding dominance, won a title with the Philadelphia 76ers in 1983 and made the All-Star game 12 times in a row, from 1978-1989

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He doesn't have some love on Arthur Ashe but it's very much limited to one corner

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“The flu is typically 5 to7 days, and people who had the vaccine were only sick for potentially about 3 to 4 days

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The pay of chief executives has also been attacked by Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton

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I’m not going to say it’s refreshing, but it’s different.”

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Leicester come again as De Laet bundles Grealish out of the way, forcing a mistake that set Vardy clear

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It announced this year's Vendy Cup winner is Snowday, a truck specializing in grilled cheese sandwiches with a touch of maple syrup using ingredients from New York farms.

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Media interest in the case ratcheted up when her mother was arrested as an accessory to the abuse, imprisoned for two months and not allowed to see her daughter.

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"They played the best they can possibly play and we played the worst we can possibly play," Winston said, vowing to rebound

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The appointment of John McDonnell is a risk, a big risk.

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Schramm had a prominent role in the peace movement in the 1980s, and was later elected twice as an MP for the fledgling Green Party

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Individuals are still incredibly loyal to their bank, so signing up somebody as they take on their first major financial responsibilities could mean many years of custom.

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Rand Paul told The Associated Press last week

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We moderate all comments on Herald Scotland on either a pre-moderated or post-moderated basis

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Pestered by the constant blitzing, Luck threw two interceptions and was held to a passer rating of 63.6, unable to beat the single high safety looks the Bills kept showing.

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The researchers also looked at how other factors, including biodiversity, affect a frog's appetite for frogs

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The worldwide Swaps and Derivatives Association, a trade group representing participants in the over-the-counter derivatives market, didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment

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20 as refiners and retailers sacrificed margins on gasoline to boost sales, according to Trilby Lundberg, president of Lundberg Survey

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Four state health departments -Arizona, California, Montana, and Nevada, have isolated Salmonella from Andrew & Williamson cucumbers collected from various locations

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Morgan’s former head of futures and options clearing sales, to help build the business

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“It was more exceptional that there were two Italians in the final,” he added, clutching a newspaper with Pennetta and her 32-year-old opponent Roberta Vinci on the front page

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Experience them if you’re inclined

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"There's a sickness in our country

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And now I make comedy movies set in high school

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With the volume soaring to 4,253,446 shares, the last trade was called at $53.08

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You could see it not only in heavy traffic, but also pressure on social services, the water, electricity, schools and the rest of it.

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They closed the scoring with a 17-play drive that also netted three points

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That gave the MTA all the money it had previously asked for, but on the same day the agency upped its request.

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What he'll do is build hundreds of Trump casinos, Trump hotels and Trump resorts in Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, Raqqa, Kandahar and the Gaza Strip

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He allowed five hits and struck out six in his 102-pitch outing

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Why ban a product that kills a quarter of its users when those users fund the NHS?

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On the eve of Wednesday's debate, Trump is expected to deliver an address on national security and veterans' issues

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Contracts for the CSI300 index were all down, some as much as 7 percent.

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He claimed that "when water was added as a chaser the brew was so potent, smoke would rise out of the glass".

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If any established automakers can match or beat Tesla's high-tech cool, it seems likely that they can

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The McLaren tribute was partricularly poignant for Goodwood since McLaren lost his life testing a car at the Goodwood track in 1970

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Its Kamm tail design and side exit exhausts are iconic