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“She wasn’t with us for very long

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said, "I'm not recommending that people go out and buy resveratrol and start taking it

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Martinez, 44, was last in the news when she made waves in June 2014 after jumping from rap station Hot 97, where she had started as an intern at 18, to the rival Power 105.1 just up the radio dial.

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Sanofi is seeking alternative diabetes treatment as it faces rising competition in that market since its insulin Lantus lost patent protection in the U.S

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Politically this is a shrewd move by Thomas de Maiziere

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But his most famous crusade was over phone hacking.

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The agreement confirms the two ports' status as 'sister ports' in order to extend their mutual understanding for the development of economic resources, international trade and logistics.

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Some of these jobs are not always highly paid, but it is unlikely that a robot will soon take them over

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Peterson gained a ho-hum 75 yards on 21 rushes in Minnesota's opener last year, and little did anyone realize that would stand as his total for 2014

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Currency speculators raised bullish dollar bets for the first time in about a month in the week ended Sept

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"I'd look like a mushroom," she told People magazine of such styles, saying her height, at 5 ft 2 in (1.58 meters), is a fashion liability

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The original parts of the Grand Mosque date back 1,400 years

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The paw paw lives in wet soils, like the banks of the St

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Given its bright and uplifting quality, it’s as good for a winter sun holiday as it is for work, when subtlety is key.

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It was commissioned in 2008 by a small theatre near Washington DC

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Lavrov also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is traveling to New York for the U.N

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11, according to Lundberg Survey Inc., a Camarillo, California-based company that bases its prices on information obtained at about 2,500 filling stations.

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Djokovic throws in an uncharacteristic double fault to bring Federer back to 30-all and then sends a forehand well long to hand Federer an easy break point

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In some counties, public defenders handle 1,000 cases a year, and in others they get to spend only about 7 minutes on each case

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"These results will not be welcome news as there are many with short-term vested interests that will want to ignore them

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This risk was 29% higher than if the women only smoked or only gave birth prematurely.

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"Today people for the first time in a decade are hearing a message of hope

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Copper is now worth a quarter of what it was in 2011

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Gil had his foot trod on by Schlupp as he back-tracked and just needs some medical attention, allowing the other players a chance for an unofficial drinks break

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"Texas has a long tradition, and Houston has it in spades, that we are not so much interested in where you are from

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And if you all believe that then you all are dumb for believing that."

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But Federer has not been able to contain his forehand in critical moments of this game and it is his undoing again

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Bowles has the respect of his players

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Simon operated restaurants at several Las Vegas hotels including Palms Place and Harrah's

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Thiam signalled a strategy shake-up when he joined this yearfrom British insurer Prudential Plc

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Alongside new pension freedoms, longevity and a challenging environment for savers makes the requirement for a long term approach to saving and investing even more important

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Jeremain Lens collecting the ball wide on the right and, after a decoy run from Jones took away the covering defender, he decides to go for goal from 25 yards out

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He needed to go back to school, learn German and get his degree recognised.

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Aside from its musical heritage, the now-five-dwelling secured complex was famous for its psychedelic mural on the front of the building

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The shoes — four styles in 15 colors — added a little extra brightly-colored sparkle to the presentation.

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One of the women who helped Judith on the first coffee morning is Ruth Savill, who’s nearly 90

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This study will provide an accurate baseline of the cognitive functions of healthy adults over the age of 50," he noted.

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The hardware is slightly lackluster, a shortcoming for anyone thinking ahead

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