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The main cause behind the fast-spreading fires is dry conditions from the four-year drought, he said.

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After the video, A-Rod walked to home plate from the dugout with his daughters, Natasha and Ella

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By Sunday morning, Francisco Cervantes could do little more than sit on the concrete wall outside his yellow stucco home

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He sold an estimated $750 million in pay per views in his last five fights alone, and made more than $220 million in his megafight with Pacquiao.

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Her government has rejected accusations from others that Germany itself is flouting EU rules by deciding not to send Syrian refugees back to the first EU country they entered

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They say the pageant awards $5.5 million in scholarships.

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During the study, researchers performed blood tests of 223 patients before they underwent surgery for suspected or known lung cancer.

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It is something that the typically stubborn Djokovic has to contend with because his errors are being cheered, no, roared at, every single time

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Being part of [the band's documentary series and album] Sonic Highways was great

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In federal court, Davis testified that her objection to issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples was not based on any sin she thinks the couple might commit

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Those three cities are the new markets in which Google plans to explore the possibility of offering its insanely fast Internet service.

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You have no idea, as you sit here today, that he did anything wrong

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Indiana had 1,488 seizures last year and is on pace to see a nearly 4 percent increase in 2015, said Niki Crawford, Indiana's meth suppression director

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At the time, Abbott asked his colleagues to give him six months to improve his government's popularity.

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I have to keep my movement down to a minimum so that I don't injure myself to a point where I'm paralyzed

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After the Browns took a 10-7 lead, the Jets scored the final 24 points.

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LEAF SL includes standard leather-appointed seats

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For example, among smokers, the risk of CVD was 3.8 times higher if the woman gave birth between 20 and 33 weeks gestation compared to non-smoking women who gave birth at full-term.

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“I am a foreigner,living in Hungary for 7 years.I am a migrant

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All trims gained upgraded entertainment system which Nissan says it’s more user-friendly than the previous version

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TOKYO (AP) — Okinawa's governor said Monday that he was preparing to revoke approval for work needed to relocate a U.S

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The Bucs had just 134 yards of total offense after three quarters, and Winston finished 16-for-33 for 210 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions.

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Terrorists only understand "the exercise of power," former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Sunday, claiming that the diplomacy practiced by President Obama with Iran will never be successful.

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He will not be unnerved by the crowd and he has been galvanised by them, almost eager to ruin their day and make his own

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The inability of the Pac-12 Network to gain wider distribution only further cements the conference's national perception as an also-ran

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The Daily News has some of the most memorable photos in sports history

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Some of the most important drugs or drug ingredients are derived from plants, but lately a number of medicinal plants have been jeopardized to the point they became endangered

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But advocates say the administration's system for verifying eligibility is seriously flawed, and consumers who are legally entitled to benefits are paying the price.

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Every morning on the trail Thomas listens through and memorises that day's written map

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State assistance for Syrian Armenians covers mainly education, medical care and the provision of documents.

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Ackley started at first base, Girardi said, because of rookie Greg Bird's inexperience facing a knuckleball.

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oil rig count fell by 10 to 652 last week, the second straight weekly drop, while reserves at its main oil storage site in Cushing, Oklahoma, have fallen five of the past seven weeks, pushing U.S

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He then wrote a screenplay for a 1968 film adaptation starring Jack Albertson and Patricia Neal, which would earn both supporting Oscar nominations and a win for Albertson.

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And in the third quarter, Williams stepped up — picking off Manziel to put the Jets in Cleveland territory for their first second-half possession

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