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Before the season is over, the family expects to release 25 monarchs

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Jose is still deciding which two centre-halves he is going to play regularly

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Two trends affecting weather patterns in the near and medium term are in the Pacific Ocean

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He led an otherwise mediocre Houston Rockets team to the NBA Finals in 1981 and then brought a championship to the Philadelphia 76ers as the Finals MVP in 1983.

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The influx of Syrian refugees into Armenia started in 2012, when over 6,500 people fled

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But a flag was thrown, and the ensuing penalty placed the Cowboys at the Giants 2

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It's been business as usual for us out there," said Scott Ferguson with the Lahonton Regional Water Quality Control Board, which is involved with the Leviathan mine.

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On the west side of town, house after house was burned to their foundations, with only charred appliances and twisted metal garage doors still recognizable.

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The 1,720-bed prison was also the site of a brawl involving 200 to 300 inmates earlier this summer, according to the Associated Press

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“I am a foreigner,living in Hungary for 7 years.I am a migrant

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A Reuters photographer also saw a German police checkpoint on one of the Austrian roads into Germany.

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"Like other countries more used to defeat against their larger neighbours, Bannockburn has retained a central significance as proof of Scotland's right to exist

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Pop stars’ fave LaQuan Smith dipped into the 1960s for his spring inspiration

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Last Monday, the Dodgers and Angels played a nine-inning game that felt like rush hour on the freeway with all of its stopping and starting

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He is regarded as gaffe-prone and old-fashioned in his views on women's place in society.

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About 20 percent of Americans still believe Obama was born outside the U.S., but only 9 percent said they think they have proof.

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With no food available in winter, the bats soon die.

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"It is clear from the complexity of calls and emails that people living with dementia and their carers need support throughout every stage of their journey

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Terry Collins rested Yoenis Cespedes, Travis d’Arnaud and David Wright, and ran his bullpen with an emphasis on getting work for underused relievers

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Nunez talked to children in Concepcion, north of Asuncion, who knew all about cases like this.

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Between 1951 and 1953 Rosalind Franklin worked, largely unhappily, at King's College, London

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Then, hospitals or pharmacies could purchase a scanner to verify medications

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We moderate all comments on Herald Scotland on either a pre-moderated or post-moderated basis

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The score gave the Seahawks a 7-0 lead over St

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"Both plaintiffs were able to adequately use their computers for approximately 18 months and two years, respectively."

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Hold for 10 seconds, relax and repeat

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The crackdown on U.S.-based Uber in Jakarta is the latest in a series of troubles facing the company across the world

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Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu was in contact with Egypt's ambassador to Mexico and also demanded an investigation and explanation of what happened, the Mexican statement said

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One girl's ear was cut by glass as a bullet shattered her window.

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