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A play later, Romo hit tight end Gavin Escobar for a touchdown, closing to 16-13.

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Yet it happened because things like this happen in sports — just ask Pete Carroll, who called pass when he should’ve called run in the Super Bowl seven months ago

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The office's Director Bing Goei called Welcoming Week, which runs from Sept

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Andcentral government has identified the power utility sector ascritical to solving banks' bad debt problems.

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The largest ones are located at the cluster’s center, and are called Brightest Cluster Galaxies (BCGs).

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I did this already." And leave with the ballot unmarked

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Pennetta’s move was especially baffling considering the U.S

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And with VW's scale and bankroll behind the effort, they'll have a good chance of succeeding.

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It comes as no surprise then that rig counts are down in the US.

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It was Johnny Football's first career passing touchdown.

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“I don't think you can say that the Syrian war wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the invasion of Iraq,” Murphy said

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He placed on his headset, communicated with his coaches and never let his emotions take over

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Morancy says they were designed to be provocative, but that he also intended to start a conversation.

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“We did fantastic,” said rookie safety Landon Collins

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Jackson missed most of training camp with a shoulder injury.

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Hank Allen and Sarah Duxbury embrace during a dust storm at the Burning Man 2015 "Carnival of Mirrors" arts and music festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, September 2, 2015

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OK, this may not be entirely fair, but I find something so irksome about the way she expresses thoughts and opinions

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Al-Mufti said he was also inspired by his own story

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Gang Green's supposedly impenetrable looked pretty vulnerable to start the game as the Browns marched down the field and converted on four third downs on their first drive

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"That is probably not very likely

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Amid remarks expressing her fondness for the church and her own Methodist upbringing, Clinton struck a media theme.

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We need to do the same for dementia," noted Mr Martin.

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Getting an appointment with him through my new GP was very worthwhile because I found him a very sympathetic specialist with a positive attitude towards ME/CFS

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Entire towns as well as residents along a 35-mile stretch of State Route 29 were evacuated

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A Confidenti@l source with heavyweight ties to the real-estate business tells us a well-financed 2018 Trump-for-governor movement is already afoot

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But they left a goat, five ducks, six rabbits and more than 30 chickens behind.

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That same month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Congress at the invitation of House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and warned against the deal

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Now, if you look at the most recent year, we are not producing enough," said Joshua Speaks, a legislative representative at the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

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RA is a chronic and often painful condition that affects the joints, causing them to become inflamed

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The failure of the 1998 impeachment of President Bill Clinton elicited a general sigh of relief

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power plant project.It also said it had overstated profits going back to fiscal2008/09 by 155 billion yen.

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Rig operator Transocean slid 3.7 percent.

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"The Golden Globe is really your Oscar audition if you're inthe race," O'Neil said

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That's now the ninth time on a second serve that he's squandered a break point

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And it was one of the things which made me want to learn more about him.

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“(Saturday) was the longest day I ever had in the major leagues,” said Ackley

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Better performance on the counting task and better performance on the catching task, matched with evidence from the kinematics, [would be] strong evidence that the two are linked."

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