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However, on all five occasions the other seven members of the MPC voted for no change.

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If you rub a surface that has been exposed to skunk with ketchup, and then wash it off, the smell will apparently become fainter.

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To put up a banner saying 'the best Scottish lamb in season' and then sell a similar product from the other side of the world right underneath it is just offensive.”

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It can do whatever we know how to order it to perform”But it is likely to exert an indirect and reciprocal influence on science itself."

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According to the School Nutrition Association, elementary school children get on average 25 minutes for lunch

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The purchase price amounts to 608 million on a cash and debt free basis (enterprise value)

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He also criticized the West for saying it would welcome a contribution from Russia or any other country only if it did not strengthen Assad's position

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“All defendants in the case agreed, including 12 of the world’s largest banks”, Dan Brockett, the lawyer, said in an e-mail

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The alleged abuser, Mainumby's stepfather, was taken into custody while the courts await the results of a DNA test that will prove paternity

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Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper and Edgar Ramirez also star.

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From legendary boxers and iconic tennis players to golfing greats and fabled Olympians, the Daily News has the photos you want of the once-in-a-lifetime sports moments

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The Harlem grandma, 70, finally got her green card this year — thanks to a team of pro bono lawyers and a little-known policy allowing family members of U.S

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An innovative vortex-shedding, roof-mounted antenna is one of many design elements used to help reduce wind noise

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The lowest was in Charleston, South Carolina, where customers paid an average $1.94

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She made her comments at the launch of a campaign by Safefood, which aims to encourage more women to take folic acid

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Toyota also upgraded the interior

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But theringgit was largely unmoved.

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Goodwood Revival holds a very special appeal thanks to the time-warp nature of the event

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When the center retired in 1995 after 19 seasons, Malone was the last active player who had also participated in the defunct American Basketball Association.

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While somewhat better-off refugees find other accommodations, the poorest end up in the encampments, relying on diminishing U.N

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Train services from Austria to Germany resumed Monday morning after being halted Sunday

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Eight months later he died in a motorcycle accident.

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It's magical when that combines with M

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Trading was slow as the Bank of Japan started its two-daypolicy meeting on Monday

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Was it from this encounter with the American Air Force that the unusual idea emerged of sending a BBC reporter on a US bombing raid over Germany the following year?

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We're all on the hunt for a bargain, but not all cash-conscious consumers are looking to save on the same product

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She can get away with anything, we've come to terms with that now, and this look has to be our favourite of hers for a while

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Other groups of opposition include Marilyn Golden, who fights for the rights of persons with disabilities

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And among Republicans, still-early surveys suggested that the reality TV star has more support than Bush, Wisconsin Gov

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The 78-square-mile fire erupted Saturday afternoon and rapidly chewed through brush and trees parched from several years of drought

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The programme traced how the music had come out of Jamaica's inner city communities and what early reggae parties were like

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His quarterback disagreed, taking “100 percent” of the blame himself, but there was more than enough to go around for both of them in the final minutes

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The 1,592-metre (5,222 feet) Mount Aso is one of the mostactive peaks in Japan but is also a popular hiking spot

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"In later life I started to want to know more about Guy Byam - and the fact he'd been a BBC war correspondent gave me a place to start

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